OK Rent a Car participates every year in the leading FITUR International Tourism Fair. For five days, the car rental company was able to create new relationships with professionals and representatives in the tourism sector, including CEOs and senior executives from leading tourism companies. The Fair also provided an opportunity for representatives of the business to meet their customers, who expressed their experiences of using an OK Rent a Car vehicle.

Notable innovations that OK Rent a Car announced during the 2019 fair included the Smart Check-in Box, an advancement in automation that optimises efficiency in recruitment and the collection of vehicles. OK Rent a Car also presented the new Premium Rent a Car brand, which is dedicated to the rental of 100% Premium vehicles in Barcelona, ​​Ibiza, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca and Lisbon.

OK Rent a Car also conducted a campaign with Renault Spain, presenting the new Renault Kadjar at the Fair. The vehicle was exhibited at their booth, with visitors given the chance to enter a raffle to win free vehicle rentals.

Without question, #OKFITUR19 was an incredibly special experience, with OK Rent a Car sharing the many achievements that the company had accomplished in 2018. This was a year which saw the company’s biggest growth in history, reaching 300 million euros in turnover. The Fair also provided an opportunity to advance the business’ objectives for 2019 which is marked by internationalisation, with the imminent opening of new offices in Portugal.


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