OK Rent a Car, the vehicle rental division of OK Cars Mobility, (mobility sub holding of OK Group), has appointed integral management and international expansion expert Manuel Núñez as strategic advisor. With Manuel’s expertise, the company is looking to boost its strategic geographic growth.

Núñez, who is specialised in techniques for improving profitable operations in the tourism and mobility sector, has extensive experience in well-known companies in the car rental sector, such as Avis and Goldcar, where he has carried out various management functions in the areas of internationalization and reinforcement of business strategies.

Manuel Núñez and Othman Ktiri_1
Mr. Manuel Núñez and Mr. Othman Ktiri

The New Expansion Strategy

Among his functions within the company, he will focus on advising the company on its expansion strategy, highlighting opportunities while assisting in its progressive, orderly and sustainable growth.

“OK Rent a Car has a huge growth potential to succeed in a
planned expansion process supported by leading technology and a great team
, states Núñez.

“From my experience, OK Rent a Car is the European company with the best future in the mobility sector, showing a unique and disruptive model of overall management, controlling 100% of the life cycle of each vehicle from specifying its configuration to the manufacturer prior to purchase, followed by rental and ending with its commercialization.

The OK Rent a Car growth, together with all its group brands, shows, beyond any doubt, OK Rent a Car strength, becoming one of the most interesting and appealing brands to other business houses willing to join the expansion project.

International Growth

Therefore, OK Rent a Car continues to work on its growth within the Mediterranean countries, either through its own corporate implementation (see Portugal and Italy), or through the adquisition of other companies.

Outside the Mediterranean region, and looking at an international level, OK Rent a Car strongly considers the possibility of creating a network of franchisees, in order to meet requests already received.

“During recent months, we have received a multitude of proposals from companies related with the mobility sector and tourism investors seeking to take part in the group’s project”, states the Founder and Executive President of OK Group, Othman Ktiri.

Ktiri adds that “At OK, expansion must go hand in hand with profitability and sustainability. Having the experience and know-how of Manuel Núñez allows us to approach our expansion projects with even greater efficiency”.

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