All women probably know this feeling of standing in front of their closet not knowing what to put on. When it comes to dressing for work we want to choose appropriate office looks that make us feel powerful yet comfortable. Creating beautiful work outfits is much easier with a little know-how and inspiration so keep reading!

8 Tips for creating impeccable Office Looks

Besides wearing an appropriate outfit it’s also important to take care of yourself in order to make a great impression.

  • A black, beige or grey toned blazer is a must have for the office because a blazer goes with everything. From casual jeans to suit pants and pencil skirts, you can’t go wrong with a blazer combination.
  • Build a professional wardrobe by sticking to classic tones. Buy the best quality pieces you can afford and then mix and match them effortlessly.
  • Choose a medium-sized bag. Your bag is one of the most important visual accessories so select one carefully. It’s always a good idea to stick with classic designer bags. Gallery Red in Palma de Mallorca offers a great selection.
  • Get regular manicures. Clean, well-painted nails look fresh, neat and elegant. Choose nude colours for the office, they make you seem more professional. If you don’t like classic neutrals wear a pale pink or light grey.
  • Wear well-kept, polished shoes. Right after the outfit your shoes are the most important part of your office looks so make sure to choose comfortable yet elegant shoes. They should always be polished and in good condition.
  • Choose leather pumps or ballet flats for more comfort during a long office day. Pick high-quality brands that will last longer.
  • Understand what’s appropriate in your industry. Banking, fashion or media, dress accordingly to your profession. A fashion editor’s outfit may look much more stylish than the conservative suit of a lawyer.
  • Don’t overdo it. You shouldn’t wear strong perfume,  heavy makeup or an extraordinary hairdo at the office. Keep it simple and elegant, everything in moderation. But here once again, your office look depends on the kind of job you have.

We hope you find this article helpful. Click here for more fashion inspiration!

Photographer: Gabor Marton
Model: Dora, Icon Model Management
Outfits: Love Affair

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