Located opposite the beautiful beach of Palmanova, Ocean Fish Restaurant serves delicious fish and seafood, prepared to their client’s liking.

About Ocean Fish Restaurant

Ocean Fish Restaurant delivers an innovative concept, where diners choose from a great selection of over-the-counter fish. In addition to being an original way to share your meals or dinners, you will only pay for the weight of the fish. The restaurant prides itself in preparing the fish in the way that their clients desire.

At the restaurant you can enjoy a casual atmosphere, with a terrace facing the sea at a very affordable price. Diners can expect fresh fish combined with exceptional service at this restaurant in Mallorca.

Ocean Fish Restaurant Cuisine 

Ocean Fish Restaurant is predominately a fish and shellfish eatery with excellent side dishes. You have a good choice of how you want to eat where you can choose the fish and seafood you want, have it weighed for price and then cooked to your satisfaction.

Other options are choosing dishes from their menu or to try a taster menu with a drink and dessert. Every dish is simply gorgeous, but it is well recommended to try their calamari, razor clams and langoustines. Diners can expectto try different things with a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff.

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