Located in the trendy area of Santa Catalina, NURU restaurant serves fusion cuisine that combines exotic flavours to give the most unbeatable of tastes.

About NURU Restaurant

NURU Restaurant offers a menu based on fusion cuisine in the bohemian district of Santa Catalina in Palma. The name Nuru means Light, Vitality and New Beginnings in Swahili and there could be no better name to sum up the restaurant. At NURU you will certainly be seduced by their unique dishes combining exotic flavours while presented beautifully on the plate.

The quirky restaurant has a bright and welcoming interior adorned with art by the famous Spanish actor Jordi Molla. It is furnished with wooden floors, minimalistic furnishings and chic lampshades to set the perfect dining ambience.

NURU Restaurant Cuisine 

The restaurant offers a wide range of fusion dishes using the freshest local ingredients, combining different techniques and flavours to create delicious and subtle dishes. It is highly recommended to try their Sea Bream Thai Sashimi which is bursting with flavour or their Rack of Lamb which is set on a sweet potato base.

NURU Restaurant also has an extensive wine list, carefully selected to accompany the fantastic cuisine. Whether you want to try local wines to refined bottles, you wont be disappointed with the offering!

Unique Location

NURU Restaurant is tucked away close to the beating heart of Santa Catalina – its bustling market! This is where the restaurant buys a large majority of their favourite ingredients, meaning that you get the freshest taste in their cuisine.

Being situated in Santa Catalina, the restaurant makes the perfect setting before a night out on the town, with the area being surrounded by a plethora of lively bars. The energy of the neighbourhood certainly transcends into the food, with NURU restaurant offering a truly exciting cuisine.

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