The Mallorca-born power woman Noemí Álvarez is the founder and creative director of Look Mallorca magazine. Living in Palma she also runs her own business in marketing and branding on the island with a great dose of passion and motivation. Get to know Noemí Álvarez better!

From Finance to the Magazine World

How and when did your career as an entrepreneur begin?
My background is in finance. I worked in the finance department of big companies in London. After being abroad for some years I came back to Mallorca. It was when I discovered my creative side that I began my career as an entrepreneur. From this moment on I really started to enjoy my work. After working for other magazines and as a marketing director I started my own business in marketing and branding on the island. Over time the great opportunity to produce Look Mallorca came up.

What do you love most about your work?
I love the fact that after all the work the team puts in to every single edition the result is a product that both our readers and clients enjoy. Although I know I’m not going to change the world, every issue of Look Mallorca allows me to support entrepreneurs, promote social consciousness and organisations or movements that are actively protecting our environment, which gives me great satisfaction.

What fascinates you about graphic design and the magazine world?
I love to organise most of the photo shootings for the magazine, select interesting stories and create unique and useful content about Mallorca.

Can you tell us more about your current projects?
We are working on making Look Mallorca grow even more in number and quality. I am also trying to combine my work duties with my new role as a mother. I would furthermore like to keep the wonderful balance between enjoying my work and free time with my family. And also be able to take advantage of the wonderful mallorquin lifestyle.

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