Palma’s art galleries, museums and cultural centres once again opened their doors for one of Mallorca‘s biggest and most important art festivals. Last Saturday, on the 22nd of September, thousands of people gathered to admire art pieces from around the world and have a fun night in the streets of Palma. Here are some impressions of great Nit de l’Art events and exhibitions that took place this year!

Nit de l’Art Events

Galleries, museums and cultural centers all over Palma welcomed guests from 19h until about midnight. Some of them inaugurated new exhibitions and installations by well-known artists or newcomers. You will find a selection below. In addition, art lovers got to enjoy art performances, street theatre and other artistic surprises in the streets of Palma while wandering from exhibition to exhibition.

Galería Pelaires

One of many great Nit de l’Art events took place at Galería Pelaires. The gallery inaugurated the exhibition ‘The cave wall was always there’, a collective curated by Adam Thomas. The exhibition contains unique works of eight artists including Alice Channer, Ricardo Alcaide, Carlos Irijalbe, Rafa Munárriz, Claudia Peña Salina and more. It is a collective exhibition, conceptually and artistically very coherent, with a clear connection regarding the formal, respecting the individual and theoretical approach of each of the artists to their practice.

Lundgren Gallery at Purohotel

Purohotel Palma is committed to promoting cultural and artistic initiatives on the island, as well as offering quality leisure alternatives to the resident public. Thus, the hotel became a large gallery during the celebration of the Nit de l’Art. More than 500 people enjoyed a unique exhibition in addition to the gastronomic proposal organised by the hotel’s restaurant on Saturday. The walls of the courtyards and rooms of the hotel were filled with contemporary art by six of the artists of the Lundgren Gallery. The artistic works together with music, food and drinks made the hotel one of the obligatory meeting points in Palma where people enjoyed the artistic proposal of Purohotel and Lundgren Gallery.

The experience led by Purohotel sought to stimulate the senses. The hotel facade became a huge canvas onto which a selection of moving black and white images was projected. On the other hand, the Private Wing (the annex of the hotel) hosted the expressive photographs of Carter Mull, who were perfectly combined with the music of the resident DJ of Puro. Finally, in the interior of the hotel, the rest of the works of the Lundgren Gallery artists were displayed. In a hotel room we found the large-scale photographs of Matthew Brandt and the still life sets of Sara VanDerBeek. Whereas in the restaurant, you could admire Kudzanai Chiurai’s defiant art work and Lisa Lapinski’s acrylic and ink sculptures. Furthermore, an imposing sculpture by Luis Gispert occupied the entrance to the store.

Gallery Red

At Gallery Red you found as always a great selection of art, design and fashion at their brand new space designed by Teresa Sapey. The gallery provides one-of-a-kind and investment-worthy art pieces by well established or emerging post war and contemporary artists. Their rotating selection includes artworks by Warhol, Banksy, David LaChapelle, Damien Hirst and more. The design collection at Gallery Red offers a fun and eclectic mix of modern decorative arts and designs from around the globe. As well as contemporary classics from the 50s to 80s. The gallery furthermore provides a changing selection of luxury handbags and accessories. You find limited editions and hard-to-find iconic pieces by world-renowned designers such as Chanel, Dior, Prada and Gucci.


Meanwhile, at Kewenig visitors got to experience the opening of the ‘Dilema Perdido’ exhibition as part of various Nit de l’Art events. From 20h to 22h the German artist Hendrik Krawen was present and available for chats and interviews. He was the first artist to be exhibited at the Jule Kewenig Galerie in Frechen near Cologne in June 1986. Now, his ‘Dilema Perdido’ is on display at Kewenig Gallery in Palma, which is his sixth individual exhibition with the house. The exhibition will run until the 17th of November 2018.

For more information about the Nit de l’Art click here!

Gerhardt Braun Gallery

Another gallery that offered a special programme the night of Nit de l’Art is Gerhardt Braun Gallery. On the 22nd of September the gallery inaugurated a new exhibition titled “The ultimate reason for the existance of the Universe”. Its creator is the famous Ukrainian artist Aljoscha. He is known for his magnificent conceptual installations, sculptures and paintings based on ideas of bioism. Aljoscha presented his latest works for the first time in Spain. His works are above all based on experimentation with the matter, on which the artist manages to instill life. At Gerhardt Braun Gallery, art lovers found a whole collection of his sculptures, drawings, paintings and installations. They dialogue with the space and interact with the viewer as if they were living beings coming from outer space. The exhibition will be on display in the gallery in Calle Sant Feliu until the end of October 2018.

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