Born in Barcelona, Rosmi Domínguez founded NewYorkinas-Originals in 2015. The visionary entrepreneur wanted to create a new, urban brand of footwear which not only conveyed her passion for the cosmopolitan city of Manhattan, but that also had the versatility to be worn in any setting.

The concept

The name NewYorkinas is certainly original, being inspired by the term ‘Menorquinas’ – an idea presented by the entrepreneur’s bright niece and one that is close to Rosmi’s heart.

Having lived in six countries around the world, including Belgium, Greece, USA, Germany, Scotland and Turkey, Rosmi was determined to create a range of footwear that would not only be comfortable, but could be versatile and be personalised to match any individual style. NewYorkinas-Originals is culturally on trend, fitting perfectly into a world where the freedom to express yourself is so important.

The footwear

NewYorkinas-Originals is formed by a range of sneakers, including original collections and limited editions. The Originals were inspired by the streets of Manhattan, with models such as the ‘Liberty New York’, paying tribute to New York’s iconic statue. Other popular collections are representational of flags around the globe, with Brazil, United Kingdom and the USA being only some of the countries featured on the shoes.

The wonderfully consistent part of every NewYorkinas-Originals shoe is their signatory blue sole which features on every shoe and represents the brands core values – that ‘the sky is at your feet’ –  the very essence of the American dream.

The beautifully constructed sneakers can be used in every setting, complementing casual or formal attire. The brand is also very versatile, which means that the shoes can adapt to every part of your daily life, both at work and in your free time.

The sneakers are of the highest quality, being manufactured by hand in Alicante, Spain and made of the finest materials. The prices of the shoes vary depending on the collection that you choose and if you want to customise the design. Sizes vary from 36 to 46 and the shoes can be worn by both men and women.

Added personalisation

What distinguishes the brand from other sneakers on the market is their ability to be customised to match your individual taste and style. This is a dream for those that truly want to express themselves through fashion, as for an additional price, it is possible to add your own mark to the design. From logos to text, you have the freedom to wear the exact shoes that you want.

As well as a host of American music stars sporting the brand, the renown chain of restaurants, Donisos, also equipped their employees with shoes adorning the flag of Greece – signifying the roots and history of the restaurants.

Beautiful collections

The brand offers a variety of collections, which represent urban trends around the world. Each limited edition collection is incredibly exclusive, with only 25 pairs made of each design. A collection that was designed last year was inspired by the world of tattoos and incorporates beautiful illustrations of the expressive art form.

Along with an online shop, NewYorkinas-Originals can found in concept stores in the chic cities of Barcelona and New York. The brand makes the perfect addition to such outlets where art is blended with fashion and design all under one roof.

Dressed up or dressed down, Rosmi has successfully introduced the world of fashion to a range of footwear that can complement every item in any wardrobe. NewYorkinas-Originals truly offers you good quality footwear, connecting you to urban life.



Find NewYorkinas-Originals in Barcelona: Safar Said, Carrer El Torrent, 50,  08302 Mataró

Facebook & Instagram: newyorkinasoriginals | @newyorkinasoriginals

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