The well known Macià Batle winery has recently launched three new wines based on Manto Negre and Premsal Blanc grape varieties. Each offers a fruity and aromatic taste with hints of strawberry, cherry and peach as well as apricot. The packaging designed by Alex Fito is colourful, fresh and features local birdlife. Discover the new Macià Batle wines!

About Macià Batle

The Macià Batle winery in Santa María del Camí is home to Mallorca‘s most exquisite wines. Every bottle is an homage to their love for wine and art. Thanks to the excellent grape-growing conditions and most advanced technology Macià Batle has become one of the biggest and most famous wineries on the island since it was founded in 1856.

The winery produces up to 1 million bottles of Majorcan high quality wine every year. Furthermore, it’s internationally very successful and has been awarded many times during the past years. Macià Batle wants to transmit Mallorca‘s personality and the love for the earth and art with their wines. “Apart from the wine, it is the passion for art that makes the Macià Batle winery so special”, says Ramón Servalls, a descendant of the winery’s founder.

New Macià Batle Wines

The winery has recently launched three new wines that are just as special as all the wines they produce. All have a fruity and aromatic taste with hints of strawberry, cherry and peach as well as apricot. Artist Alex Fito was responsible for the bottle labels of the new Macià Batle wines. He opted for a colourful and fresh design featuring local birdlife.

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