The Rosa Blanca beer returns to the bars of Mallorca with a new variety ‘Hoppy Lager’. Numerous local artists, designers and well known faces of Mallorca’s society and press shared a special moment at the presentation of the new Cerveza Rosa Blanca at the Finca Bellveure.

New Image of Rosa Blanca

Rosa Blanca, the beer born in Mallorca in 1927, retook its long tradition with the launch of a new variety  ‘Hoppy Lager’: a soft and refreshing beer with a touch of hops aromatic. With an updated and elegant image yet faithful to the design that many will still remember, iconic Rosa Blanca is presented as a ‘Hoppy Lager’. A variety characteristic  for its hop touch – soft, refreshing and intense aroma. It is made with the traditional ingredients of a lager beer: barley malt, corn, rice and hops. At the end of the brewing process, during the maturation phase of the beer, a second aromatic hops is added. In the case of Rosa Blanca the prestigious variety used is hop ‘citra’. It is characteristic for its fruity aromas and citrus notes. The result is an ideal beer for both appetizers and for indoor cuisine. It can already be found in the first Mallorcan bars and restaurants that have welcomed it again.

Presentation of the new Cerveza Rosa Blanca

The presentation event took place last Thursday at the historic Bellveure estate in Binissalem. The place chosen for the presentation was a sixteenth century villa at the foot of the Sierra de Tramuntana. It houses the creative studio Con Alma Design formed by the interior designer Maria Antònia Marqués and her partner Álvaro Garriga. Greeted with freshly made lemonade on a beautiful spring day guests could mingle, chat or visit the creative studio. The Mallorcan band Lili’s House contributed the musical touch to the event with its acoustic folk pop during the aperitif. Later all guests were invited to sit down for lunch with a spectacular view of Mallorca’s countryside. The prestigious chef Tomeu Arbona was in charge of presenting the particularities of the beer with a carefully prepared traditional lunch. All invitees enjoyed Mallorcan dishes such as eggplant with apple, empanadas or arròs brut.

History of Rosa Blanca

The origins of Rosa Blanca date back to 1851, when they called the distillery ‘La Rosa Blanca’. In 1890 the brewing began in the Arrabal de Santa Catalina. It was the first Mallorcan beer industry located within the city center. In 1927 they began to commercialise ‘La Rosa Blanca’. Its characteristic drawing of a rose was incorporated  on the labels. During the 50s it was renamed only ‘Rosa Blanca’. A period in which it enjoyed his maximum presence and recognition on the island. For years ‘Rosa Blanca’ was responsible for refreshing the Mallorcan people with varieties such as Pilsen, Munich and Bock Balear.
From the 60s, with the tourist boom and the entry of international brands to the Balearic Islands’ market, the brand began to lose its presence little by little until it disappeared in 1998. Now, it retakes its long tradition with its new variety ‘Hoppy Lager’. The new Cerveza Rosa Blanca will be available in bars and restaurants throughout the island in the bottle format of 33 cl and barrels.

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