Situated in an idyllic location overlooking the beautiful bay of Port de Sóller, NENI Mallorca is a delightful family run restaurant that serves Israeli-Oriental style cuisine, with a fantastic offering of Mediterranean inspired dishes.

About NENI Mallorca

Positioned on the roof terrace of the beautiful Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel, NENI Mallorca offers beautiful and delicious Israeli-Oriental style cuisine which is enjoyed in typical ‘Balagan style‘. You may have never heard of this term, but it is freely translated as sympathetic chaos – on long tables, together with family and friends.

Set in the idyllic location with awe-inspiring views of the bay of Port de Sóller and the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, the delightful eatery is Spain’s first NENI Restaurant, where they already have presence in Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich and Cologne.

NENI is the heart project of the Molcho family, led by Haya Molcho, author of five cookbooks, and her sons Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan. This reflects the philosophy of NENI, where family is an integral part of life and eating in the company of your loved ones is cherished.

NENI Mallorca Cuisine 

The restaurant serves an eclectic mix of recipes and flavours taken from across the world, with inspiration from Israel, the home of the Molchos. The dishes and spices used are of Oriental-Israeli cuisine, where Mediterranean delicacies are also offered.

With a fantastic selection of Balagan style cuisine, diners can expect to taste a wonderful offering of mezze, with salads, main courses and tempting desserts.

Unique Location

NENI Mallorca is situated overlooking the stunning harbour of Port de Sóller, one of Mallorca’s most visited yet surprisingly relaxed coastal resorts. There are lots of things to discover in and around the harbour which is surrounded by the lush landscapes of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

The beautiful bay is bordered by a gorgeous beach of golden-white sand and lined by a promenade that is pedestrianised. The coastal resort attracts an array of visitors each year, thanks to its unwavering beautiful and fantastic selection of shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes.

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