Situated in the heart of one of Mallorca’s most charming villages, Nama Deia is a beautiful eatery that serves modern Asiatic cuisine. The restaurant in Deiais the perfect setting to enjoy local produce and organic ingredients that transports you straight to the continent of Asia.

About Nama Deia

At Nama Deia their  modern Asian food is colourful and fresh, being sourced from local and organic ingredients in Mallorca. Enhanced by stunning views across the beautiful surrounding landscapes, the sushi bar aims to deliver a unique dining experience for their clients.

The eatery enjoys spectacular terraces, with Namakase being their adults only second floor open area that is a picture perfect postcard of the village of Deia. Open from sunset, Name Deia is the ideal setting for a romantic dinner or intimate setting among friends, helped by an attentive and welcoming service.

The interior design was created by the renowned designer Matthew Williamson, who has tastefully incorporated many of his signature elements. This includes an intense colour combination, intricate patterns and a healthy dose of vintage furnishings. .

Nama Deia Cuisine 

The restaurant has a delightful sushi bar, which is a perfect choice to enjoy some of the best Japanese Nikkei cuisine. This is a combination of Japanese and Peruvian flavours and influences, which has become the latest gastronomic sensation to hit Europe’s gastronomical scene.

In addition to a wonderful wine and cava selection, Nama Deia prides itself in using local producers and organic farmers in commitment to their ‘farm to table’ philosophy. The restaurant proudly cultivates their very own organic vegetables, with access to local 100% grass fed and organic cattle and their kitchen being 90% dairy free.

The restaurant further extends their appeal by catering very well to a wine range of tastes and dietary requirements, with options for celiacs, vegans, vegetarians and plant based diets.

Furthermore, all of their delicious pastries, bread, dumplings, dim sums, baos  and noodles are all handmade right from their own kitchen, giving added flavour as well as reducing their carbon footprint and plastic use.

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Unique Location

Nama Deia is nestled within the small coastal village of Deya, a beautiful setting that lies in the heart of the iconic Serra de Tramuntana mountains. Situated on the north east of Mallorca, the idyllic village showcases a particularly astonishing beauty with a laidback Bohemian vibe.

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