Discover dishes from every corner of the world at Naan Street Food in Santa Catalina. The restaurant serves modern international food in delightful street food fashion. 

About Naan Street Food

Naan Street Food is situated in Santa Catalina, Palma’s trendy food district. Serving international food, the restaurant takes diners on a gastronomical journey around the world. The restaurant is specialised in street food that will delight every lover of food fusions.

The fantastic concept behind the establishment is that you can take an imaginary trip around the world without leaving foot from Mallorca. With a casual and chic vibe, Naan Street Food is a cool space that has a lively atmosphere.

Naan Street Food Cuisine 

The chef has poured a love for cuisines from around the world to serve to an international clientele with joy. The menu offers a selection of popular dishes from around the world, with Asia and Peru being just some of their favourite culinary destinations.

It is well recommended to visit the restaurant with friends where you can enjoy a dining experience in the Spanish way – to share several plates among one another. The food arrives at different times, which means that you can really enjoy each of their own unique flavours separately. As well as dishes from all corners of the world, Naan Street Food also offers delicious cocktails and Spanish wines.

Unique Location

Naan Street Food is set in the prime position of Santa Catalina in Palma. The area has emerged as a hub for the international yachting community, full of eateries and bars mixing locals with foreign residents as well as visitors to the island from around the world.

The restaurants position also means that is is surrounded by a wealth of shops and stores, making the perfect spot for a busy day in the city.

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