One paradise for another. Nine years ago Jennifer and Alexander Warren-Gash left Costa Rica, as they wanted to find a more family-oriented location with new business opportunities. Now they consider themselves more European than anything else. Moving from Costa Rica to Mallorca was an important life desicison. Jennifer and Alexander are happy that they traded the “South American Mediterranean” for the European Mediterranean.

Global Citizens

What’s your story?

Jennifer: I was born and raised in Texas. When I was 25 I moved to Costa Rica where I met Alexander.

Alexander: I have lived a little bit all over the world. I was born in Turkey, then lived in France, England, Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica and finally Mallorca.

Moving from Costa Rica to Mallorca

Why did you choose Mallorca?

Jennifer: When we decided to leave Costa Rica we looked at the whole world. We had some criterion which were a sunny climate and preferably an English or Spanish speaking country.

Alexander: I suggested Mallorca as I have some friends here. I thought it’s Europe, it’s an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca would offer us the best balance whilst achieving a sophisticated quality of life.

What is the best thing about Mallorca?

Jennifer: The fact that I can sit around the table with my friends and we are from six different countries. It is international. I love the mix of cultures and the European/Mediterranean way of life.

Alexander: I like the relaxed pace of life, the weather and the opportunities to shine.

Safety for Children

What are the benefits of living here with children?

Jennifer: This is an amazing, safe place for children. We chose Mallorca over England and America just because we thought it was ideal for a child. The local people are so lovely towards children.

Alexander: The climate is excellent so kids can be outside. It is a great playground for any child.

Patience and a Plan

What advice do you have for others thinking of moving here?

Jennifer: Mallorca is a beautiful place to live but it can also be a bit challenging. You have to work really hard to make things happen and you need to have an open mind, patience and a plan.

Alexander: It depends what your goals are. I see this as a place of opportunities where you have to be ready to work hard and be ready to go for it.

What is your motto in life?

Jennifer: One of the keys to happiness is to not observe other people too much. Rather focus on yourself and what makes you happy. For us it was moving from Costa Rica to Mallorca.

Alexander: Chase your dreams. It sounds cheesy but I believe in it.

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