The renowned Bodegas Miquel Oliver hosted the first edition of the More & Wine Festival, bringing the best gastronomy, music, fashion, art and much more to the beautiful island of Mallorca.

About the More & Wine Festival

On 8th June, Bodegas Miquel Oliver launched the More & Wine Festival, an important gastronomical date in the calendar in Mallorca. Taking place for the very first time this year, guests at the event were be able to immerse themselves in the acclaimed winery and the beautiful setting of Petra.

In addition to being able to try a host of fantastic grape varieties, manifestations of art came together with gastronomy to offer a truly unforgettable event.

The More & Wine Festival has been created in the aim of fusing art with the values ​​of the renowned winery, awakening the five senses of its guests. Artistic expressions such as fashion, design, decoration, gastronomy, wellness, art and music accompanied the event in the most incredible of forms.

Participating companies that joined the event included Destiu Calzados, Vimbi Vimbi ceramics, Utópic decoració and Utopic Design. The More & Wine Festival was the perfect choice for those that wanted to discover the island’s gastronomy in an unrivalled natural environment.

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Event details

Venue: Bodegas Miquel Oliver, Petra, Mallorca

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