Situated within a stunning 19th century Mallorcan property in the peaceful area of Selva, Miceli is a delightful family restaurant that serves authentic and fresh Mallorcan cuisine.

About Miceli

Miceli is a beautiful restaurant situated in Selva, with a philosophy to share their passion for food with their clients. Curating a menu comprised of fresh produce from the local morning market, the restaurant serves delicious and authentic Mallorcan food.

The restaurant is a small family eatery, located in a stunning 19th century Mallorcan house where the chef, Marga Coll, was raised. Today it has been transformed into Miceli, where guests will experience a warm and pleasant environment, and where the highest attention to detail is paid in their service.


Miceli Cuisine 

The menu of Miceli is written first thing every morning, providing diners with an immersive and interesting gastronomical proposal. Serving traditional Mallorcan cuisine, each day a variety of different dishes are prepared, depending on the season and the products found at Inca market, which they visit every day.

When you are seated at one of their beautiful tables, their welcoming staff will explain to their diners about the dishes. Here, you are given a selection of dishes to choose from or the option to try one of their two tempting tasting menus. Through this concept, each time you visit Miceli, you will discover a different essence of their Mallorcan cuisine, and a true understanding of their kitchen.

Guests will find a lovely selection of plates, as well as sandwiches, tapas and the dish of the day. In addition, the restaurant offers a wide selection of vermouths and wines.

Special Location

Miceli is located in the picturesque town of Selva, which lies at the bottom of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. Its village offers an authentic tranquility, where visitors can experience a traditional Mallorcan lifestyle.

Selva has fotuntately remained relatively untouched by tourism, making the area a particularly attractive one to visit if you are looking for peaceful relaxation in Mallorca.

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