Who doesn’t love a cup of fresh, great smelling coffee in the morning to kick off the day? There’s a new place in town to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine. Meke, the Balearic’s favourite specialty coffee makers, are soon launching their new Meke Cafe and Wine Bar in Palma de Mallorca‘s hipster quarter Santa Catalina.

New Meke Cafe and Wine Bar in Santa Catalina

From Monday, December 10th, on the new Cafe and Wine Bar will provide a local space for coffee and wine lovers in Mallorca. The specialty coffee makers Meke have already set the bar for great coffee in Ibiza. They have just opened their second café in Santa Eulalia. Their aim is to bring ethically sourced and great coffee to whole Spain and the Balearics. Mallorca will be the next location for this fair trade coffee brand.

While Meke’s first two cafés focused on coffee alone, Mallorca’s new hotspot will not only offer great coffee but excellent wine also. Residents, locals and visitors will be able to enjoy delicious coffee, small gourmet sandwiches and pastries during the day. Whereas in the late afternoon until the evening Meke serves high-quality natural wines. Enjoy a casual bar experience with sharing plates, cold cuts and cheeses.

The Meke Cafe and Wine Bar, originally named Annibal 23, will be managed by Jono Paetz. With over 25 years experience in the specialty coffee and wine industry he is thrilled to be welcoming the fusion of coffee and wine in Santa Catalina. Jono says “The Meke Craft movement embraces everything that is great about the hospitality industry. The marriage of specialty coffee, natural and organic wine and craft beer is extremely natural to people who like us, understand and love quality and sustainable products. Made by people who put heart and soul in their products. To create energy and bring this movement to the heart of Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca is simply fantastic”.

Meke Cafe & Wine Bar will be open Monday 9h – 16h, Tuesday to Friday 9h – 23.30h, Saturday 10h – 23.30h, Sunday Closed

Photos from the opening event in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

About Meke

Their vision to provide ethically sourced and great coffee to the Balearics led three siblings in Ibiza to found Meke in 2012. Their goal is to provide fair trade coffee across the Balearic Islands. Focusing on quality of taste and working with farms from around the world. In 2017 the brand introduced their first branch in the heart of San Juan. They are now expanding further to Ibiza’s second largest town Santa Eulalia. Soon you will also be able to enjoy their excellent coffee in Palma‘s beautiful quarter Santa Catalina. Meke is ready to wake up residents with the smell of fresh coffee every morning.

For more information about the new Meke Cafe and Wine Bar visit www.meke.co

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