Weaving together written word, music, design, nature and architecture, Agneta Bjelkstam has become a leading lady when it comes to inspiration and home decor. Creating her very own shangri-la in Palma, the Swedish-born designer has managed to capture the very essence of Mallorca, marvellously fusing it with the cool contemporary.

Incorporating organic materials that include stone, wood, iron and rope, olive branches and rough linen, this stunning home is a seascape of emotion, all in a colour spectrum that is close to the ocean that breaks down below. Here, a beautiful self-designed rug woven in India grounds the floor, evocative of the Mediterranean with its turquoise-blue shades.

The chic grey chairs from Paris have given the feel of the pleated mountain masses of the Serra de Tramuntana, where ornamental birds hover as if high above the mountain range. A striking iron table crowns the room, stretching to an impressive length of 2 metres long. Skilfully created by a craftsman in Poligono, Italy, its heavy granite slabs adorn tones that directly harmonise with black figs and grapes, touched by almond and oranges. Set on the table, a guarding eagle swimming in brass and spreading its wings over a pack of olive branches adds an alluring flair to the new interior design.

Agneta Bjelkstam, Stockholm Chambre
Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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