Housed in a beautiful building in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, the global brand Massimo Dutti has opened an innovative new concept store. As well as showcasing apparel from their ‘Boys & Girls’ clothing range, the store also offers customers an interactive experience, revolutionising the way that you shop in Mallorca.

Innovative Technology

Massimo Dutti has long been at the cutting-edge of where fashion and technology meet, so it is not surprising that the brand has implemented a series of activities that offer new purchasing experiences adapted to the modern needs of their clients.

This is where the brand’s most revolutionary technological project was borne, as before customers go into the fitting rooms, garments can be scanned at one of two stunning floor to ceiling touch walls. Using these touch screens, customers can consult information on the garments that they have chosen or request a different size.

This system also has an innovative feature that proposes complementary or similar items to the customer using Visual Search Technology. This is a welcome addition to the new ‘Boys & Girls’ store, as for anyone that has children, they will be all to familiar with the struggles of taking them shopping – maintaining their attention and keeping them interested can seem like an all too impossible task, until now.

In response to the brands desires to offer new alternatives to their customers and to make their shopping trips easier and more enjoyable, the company has created a new breed of checkout which allows customers to pay for their purchases themselves. This innovative payment system not only speeds up the payment process using touch screens but also eliminates the processes of tag removal and pin pads.

In addition, Massimo Dutti’s online store app includes a mobile wallet payment service, allowing users to buy products directly from their mobile using a card previously registered with the application. Customers will simply have to display a QR code which is generated by the app in order to make payment in a secure way. The mobile wallet also allows users to save a digital version of all of their receipts on their device.

In a world where technology is integrated into everyday life, Massimo Dutti continues to introduce ingenious developments to the retail industry. The new store in Palma has been designed with the goal of transforming the experience of shopping into something that is completely innovative and digitally friendly.


Carrer de Sant Feliu, 1, 07012 Palma

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