March…that wonderful month associated with rebirth and the start of spring! Now that it’s upon us, the island is positively abuzz with local festivals and fairs for you and the whole family to get out there and enjoy!


Day of the Balearics – Palma

This one is island-wide, but is biggest celebrations are in Palma. It celebrates the Autonomy of the Balearics which was granted on 1st March 1983. There are stalls set up with local artisanal wares and gastronomic wonders, and entertainment is scheduled throughout the day.

Bread and Fish Festival – Sant Joan

Held the fourth Sunday of Lent, Quart Diumenge in Mallorquin, the tradition can be traced back to the 16th century. A procession to the church of Mare de Déu de la Consolació on the hilltop near the village is the main event. However, the party begins the day before with folk dancing, music in the streets drinks and food, particularly the local pastries called coquetes and casques.

Fira del Fang – Marratxí

This annual craft fair and festival is held from the 7th to the 15 of March this year. It highlights the ceramics and pottery of Marratxí and their more than three centuries of tradition. Master potters hold workshops for those who wish try their hands at making their own creations. In addition, it will hold demonstrations to show the intricacies of how the professionals work. Concerts, food and dancing are staples making it great for a family outing.

Fallas de El Toro

Following the Fallas of Valencia, the town of El Toro in Calvia holds its own version the last week of March. On this event, visitors will be met with the spectacle. They will not only see the Festival Queen and traditional wax figures on display, but of witnessing real mascletas: stunning daytime pyrotechnic events punctuated with accompanying music. Starts at 8 in the morning! Get there early and stay to enjoy paella and other local fare.

XV Rally Clásico Mallorca- The annual Rally Clásico Isla Mallorca has become one of Europe’s best known and highly competitive classic events and will take place between March 7th and 9th this year.

Festival of Saint Joseph – Santanyi/S’Alqueria Blanca

The patron saint of S’Alqueria Blanca is celebrated on the 19th of March. The day is started off with a solemn mass, followed by fun in the streets!

Santanyi Santanyi – Quiet, charming Town- A bit calmer and more relaxed, Santanyi is one of Mallorca's more traditional hotspots. Great restaurants and cafés, shops and many things to do, we provide you with the best tips for a trip to this charming village.

feria agricultura son ferriol

Son Ferriol Agricultural Fair – Son Ferriol

This charming enclave of Palma hosts the annual Agricultual fair this year being held from the 29th to the 30th of March. The fair trots out all the latest in farm equipment, as well as showcasing the best of local produce and livestock. The event typically pulls in six digit crowds, somewhere in the 200,000 range, but don’t let that be a deterrent! Local delicacies and tapas are readily available to taste. Craft stalls are in abundance. When you’ve finished checking out the horses, goats and sheep, stick around to see the live entertainment scheduled throughout the event.

agricultural far in son ferriol Agricultural Fair in Son Ferriol- Enjoy the Agricultural Fair in Son Ferriol, where everything from livestock, machinery, live music, vintage cars and an exhibition of arts & crafts can be discovered!

Diada de la Natura – Lloret de Vistalegre

The town of Lloret de Vistalegre has hosted this March event since 1989. Here visitors walk to the commune to plant trees, clean paths and learn about nature. They plan workshops and drawing competitions. Throughout the day the workshops will encourage people to get back to basics and learn about the natural world around them.

Diada de Natura en Lloret

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