With over 40.000 citizens, Manacor forms the second largest municipality in Mallorca after Palma. It is a typical Mallorcan town with a market, great Mediterranean food, incredible landscapes and beautiful constructions. So if you want to dive deep into the Spanish culture while visiting the island, we recommend the home town of one of the world’s best tennis players, Rafael Nadal.

History of Manacor

Manacor is an industrial city that started to develop in the early XIII century, when James II granted Manacor a statue of municipality. In 1897 one of the most famous industries of the island, Majorica, was founded. The artificial pearl factory helped Manacor become the business and industrial centre of the Llevant district. Today, a lot of interesting fairs are being celebrated in Manacor. One of the most famous ones are Fires and Festes de Primavera, which are being celebrated in May and June. The Fair of Saint James, which is celebrated on the 25th of July, is also of great importance. While offering an unforgettable experience and a great look into the Mallorquin culture, these celebrations enable locals and visitors to participate in a variety of activities and see some great exhibitions.

Things to do in Manacor

Beach Time

Use the morning or afternoon to get out of town and see one of Manacor’s hidden parts where the beach Cala Anguila lays. It won’t take you long to get to this beach. Once there, you will enjoy clear blue water, white sand and a great dose of sunshine. What else do you need? Another great beach to relax at is Cala Varques, just a short drive from Manacor.

25 Best Beaches in Mallorca- Summer is in full swing now, temperatures begin to rise and all we want is take a dip in the inviting turquoise sea. But where? We have created a guide of the best beaches in Mallorca.

Rafa Nadal Sports Centre and Museum Xperience

What’s better than finding some great inspiration in the museum of the great Rafael Nadal while visiting the Sports Centre? Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience is a place that leaves everybody who has visited it speechless and impressed. In the Experience Room you will have a possibility to check your abilities with simulators. Here you can try a great variety of sports adventures like tennis, rowing, Formula 1, hockey, mountain cycling and more. Whereas the Exhibition Room is the place where you can see the greatest moments of Rafael Nadal’s career since his early childhood until today. This is also the place where you can admire his Grand Slam and Olympic medals, as well as his trophies and sports equipment. Finally you can have a coffee or some refreshing drinks in the museum’s sport café and enjoy the amazing view of the adjoining tennis courts and swimming pool.

Shopping in Manacor

Manacor is a little shopping paradise with numerous clothing, décor and other stores. If you’re looking for something pretty to wear visit Blanc de Gris, they sell unique Mediterranean fashion from shoes to dresses, jackets and jewellery.

Don’t forget to stop at Can Garanya as well. This unique shop is the best place in town to find some traditional and interesting souvenirs, decoration and products from Mallorca. If you are only visiting and feel sad about leaving the island, find some great products just here and take the island home with you!

You also can’t miss the great factory store of Majorica Pearls, where you can admire quality craftsmanship and buy organic pearls. Learn all about the company’s history and the pearl making process. You can find the popular brand in more than 100 countries worldwide today.

Wine Tasting

Just when the sun starts to go down and the cool air refreshes the island, a walk through the lovely vineyards of Vins Miquel Gelabert sounds great. The winery has nine hectares of vineyards, most of them in the region of Manacor, where all the grapes for their delicious wines grow. Lose yourself in tasting the wines and also in the beauty of this winery’s nature.

Restaurants in Manacor

Enrich your gastronomic experience by trying a new cuisine! At the Asturian restaurant El Norte Sidreria you can try the specialties of northern Spain. Cheese plates from Asturias, fresh seafood from Galicia, or if you just want to try some great Mallorcan meal. This restaurant is a great recommendation!

The very famous C’an March Restaurant not only offers great food, but also has a great history behind it! In early 1925 this place was first an inn called Fonda C’an March. But in 2000 the family decided to take a step further and founded the Restaurant C’an March. There you can enjoy exquisite Mallorcan cuisine and feel the culture through another sense, the taste!

Just in front of the breathtaking cathedral of Manacor there is a cosy café, El Palau Café, where you can spend a quiet moment with a cup of great coffee! If you are a fan of smoothies or fresh juices this is also a place for you. Pastry lovers will have a big smile on their face after trying some of the delicious desserts here!

Where to stay in Manacor

Spend the night at La Reserva Rotana near Manacor, a true luxury paradise on the countryside. You will wake up in an oasis of green gardens and palm trees.

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Photos by Laura Pott and Pernilla Danielsson

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