We propose a fascinating tour that will allow you to get to know the different lighthouses in Mallorca. We have selected five of our favourite guardians of the coast, which will allow you to travel from northwest to south, experiencing the island’s diverse landscapes, villages and the crystal clear waters of its coves.

Mallorca Driving Routes

Formentor Lighthouse: Spear of the North

The first port of arrival and perhaps one of the most impressive, takes us to the northwest, to the Formentor peninsula, where a remarkable lighthouse is located. A journey that will take us approximately 1h 30m, along the Ma-13 road. The route starts from the Formentor Hotel and is very attractive for bikers due to its sharp curves. It is recommended to drive carefully, since the road is narrow and it is usually windy – one of the reasons why it is highly coveted by bicycle lovers.

During the entire trip you can see stunning views of the coastline, as well as the beauty of several of its coves, including Cala Figuera, Cala Murta and Cala en Gossalba. It is worth stopping at the viewpoint of Colomer, the watchtower of d’Albercutx and the beach of Formentor. The majestic lighthouse of Formentor is raised 210 meters above sea level, where it dominates the spectacular view of huge cliffs and which on clear days, we can see the island of Menorca.

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Capdepera Lighthouse: Watchman of Menorca

Our second destination can be challenging, but it will be worth it to reach this unique lighthouse. A journey along the coast on the Ma-12, where one can glimpse the striking orographic silhouette of Pollença Bay and Alcudia. Pay attention, as although it is a short road, it is equally narrow and curved. Here you will view a natural landscape of marshes and dunes of Albufera and Alcudia Bay. Then cross Son Serra de Marina until entering the colony of San Pera, one of the most virgin areas of the Island.

Mallorca driving routes

Upon reaching Artà, it is worth visiting the castle of Capdepera, where you can see d’Artuxt, facing the Menorcan coast. Capdepera is a lighthouse with great historical value, built in 1861 on the order of Queen Elizabeth II. It is located 76 meters above sea level, in the easternmost point of Mallorca.

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Porto Colom Lighthouse: Island Postcard

Located on the challenging cliff of Sa Punta, Porto Colom lighthouse has been in operation since 1863. It stands out for its large tower with black and white bands. To reach it we will follow the coastal route, in the direction of Son Servera for about 50kmm, where you will cross several coves such as Cala Millor, Sa Coma and some long sandy beaches. It is also interesting to visit La Punta de Sa Mer.

Further south, we recommend the Cuevas del Drach, one of the best tourist attractions in Mallorca – four marine cavities on an underground lake, considered one of the largest in the world. After this extraordinary visit, it is advisable to make a stop at the fishing village of Porto Cristo, where you can relax with a light snack. Finally, you will reach Puerto Colom, a natural harbor in an old fishing village that still retains its original stone houses. It is accessible, where you can walk or drive to the lighthouse, which rises 42m above sea level.

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Sa Puntassa Lighthouse: Island Veteran

About 35 km on the Ma-4012 in the direction of Santanyí, you will cross several villages and farming areas. Head to Cala Llonga and discover the ruins of Es Fortí or the Defense Tower next to the small lighthouse of d’en Beu – a unique image in front of the cliffs that burst into Cala Figuera. From here, it is interesting to make a small detour, through a narrow rural road which ends at the end of Salines, the southernmost point of the island, where you can purchase authentic sea salt.

Mallorca Driving Routes

A few kilometers on, you will arrive at Es Trenc, an extensive natural park of white sand dunes with crystal clear turquoise waters. By following on to Colonia de San Jordi, you will finally reach our next destination, a small lighthouse which id one of the oldest on the island. To reach it you must cross a wooden walkway, where you will witness sea views and small islands like the islet of Na Corberana.

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Cap Blanc Lighthouse: Where everything starts and ends

Situated on the cliffs of a steep coast at the end of Llucmajor, is the Cap Blanc Lighthouse. Here, visitors will be fascinated by its otherworldly magic. Head towards Sa Ràpita and Espanyol, until you see the rocky entrance of Punta Negra peninsula, towards Lluc Mayor and Cape Cap Blanc – where you can experience the descent of Cala Pí and its watchtower. After traveling a few kilometers along a narrow country road, you will reach our final destination where the sunset is a guaranteed enjoyment.

Mallorca Driving Routes

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Written by Fatima Yráyzoz

Cover & Formentor photos by Cuno de Bruin

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