Mallorca has a rich history in producing a wide range of products. Each exuding the essence of the island, there is something extra special about getting your hands on home-grown goods. From local gastronomy to perfume made from the flowers of the almond blossom, we showcase the finest commodities made in Mallorca.

Products Made in Mallorca

Local gastronomy

Mallorcan cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Mediterranean and Catalonian culinary traditions. There are some definite ‘must-have’ store cupboard basics including garlic, the liquid treasure of olive oil, almonds, Mahonés cheese and of course sobrassada – made with ground pork, paprika, salt and other spices.

Taste Mallorca

One of the great reasons to visit Mallorca is its vibrant and constantly evolving culinary scene, where one can savour local ingredients and aromas rooted in tradition. Whether you fancy biting into tasty tapas or want to enjoy the highest-level of Km-zerocuisine, there are a host of fantastic restaurants serving delicious Mallorcan offerings. Expect a lot of flavour with fresh products sourced directly from the island itself.

*Photos by Cristina Ortega

A wealth of shops and cafés also offer organic, vegetarian and raw food products where it is now easy to find alternatives to the traditional ham sandwich. However, if you fancy a slice of jamón ibérico, several restaurants offer dishes with a variety of cold meats and sobrassada or botifarró can be bought in the majority of stores.

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Mallorca’s markets

The best way to discover the flavours of the island is to visit the island’s various food markets. The iconic Mercado del Olivar, located in the centre of Palma de Mallorca and Mercat de Santa Catalina are great when it comes to high-quality, locally sourced products such as vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. There are numerous local markets all over the island too.

What to expect? Mallorca is rich in vegetables and fruit, so vegetarians and healthy eating lovers will certainly be well catered for at the markets. You will find fresh tomatoes, avocados, kiwis and lots of varieties of citrus fruits as well as local delicacies.

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Home-grown wines

In recent decades, Mallorca wines have gained notable praise for their taste and quality. Although the island has a smaller-scale production, there are still some amazing surprises waiting for connoisseurs of the grape. Being home to a wonderful selection of wineries and vineyards, visitors will be able to discover the rich gastronomical history and traditions of the island as well as taste some fantastic award-winning wines.

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Palma Gin

Mallorca Distillery, a new craft distillery located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, proudly presents its first gin, Palma Gin. Mallorca’s delicate flowers, zesty citrus fruit, and earthy vegetation give this new premium artisan gin the essence of the island.

With a history of over 2,000 years, Palma is home to a bespoke copper pot distillery where Palma Gin was founded and created. Passionately crafted from the beautiful island of Mallorca, it acquires its unique core flavours from the Mallorcan juniper berries, capturing the subtle aromas of the Mediterranean Sea.

Shop local

Mallorca is a dream for lovers of retail therapy, having everything a shopping paradise needs with some exceptional choices that are built on Mallorcan products made on the island. Whether you’re looking for elegant luxury fashion, cool hipster pieces, bohemian clothes, unique accessories or even furniture and home decor, you will find all your desires tailored for perfectly.

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Home design

Mallorcan decor is truly unique and has the ability to add an unparalleled level of beauty to any home. From the use of stone walls to ceramic homeware, much of decor and furnishings made in Mallorca are lovingly handmade and can add so much to our homes, especially in terms of its aesthetics and personal energy.

*Photos by Alba Gine

There are also some superstar interior designers and construction companies based in Mallorca who will help you incorporate the essence of the island in your home. take Samantha Knight or Paul Robinson, both who have created iconic Mallorcan properties.

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Signature fashion

Recently, a fashion revolution has encouraged millions of people to ask brands “who made my clothes?”, thanks to the greater demand in transparency in the fashion supply chain. There are plenty of incredible Mallorcan fashion designers and brands who produce and sell their designs locally, where you will be sure to achieve an individual style signature to the Balearic Islands.

‘Made in Mallorca’

Made in Mallorca is collective movement made up of companies, artists and designers from the island defined by their passion and creativity. The annual event, which this year runs from March 11 to 14 at Es Baluard Contemporary Art in Palma, is committed to sustainability.

*Created by Huguet

Masterfully promoting the power of the place where things are made, the quality of the materials and the value of original creations, Made in Mallorca showcases the deep connection between the product and its maker.

In order to give greater prominence to the work carried out by designers, producers and craftspersons with a local connection and, in some cases, with international exposure, the event serves to strengthen ties between companies and enhance their production.

*Created by 2Monos

The initiative is organised by a selection of companies, together with the Balearic Government’s Ministry for Labour, Trade and Industry, alongside the collaboration of the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce.

*Created by Studio Jaia

This year’s collaborators: Artesania Tèxtil Bujosa, Català Roig Ceramics, Contain Studio, Edicions de Disseny La Pecera, Huguet, Lafiore & Nico Guevara Studio, Lysende Logik, Maria Antònia Ramis, Mirenchu, 2Monos, Paparkone, Studio Jaia, Teixits Riera, Teixits Vicens, Tonia Fuster and 8Vuitulls.

*Created by La Pecera

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