Bubbles and gourmet food. Yesterday, September 20th, Look Mallorca and more than a hundred guests attend the #ClicquotFriends event organised by Maca de Castro. The Jardín Bistró in Puerto de Alcúdia was the meeting point of this Mallorcan gastronomic event with a French touch. With the event the Castro Group, gastro critics, press and friends celebrated the Macarena de Castro’s new title “Grande Dame”, awarded by Veuve Clicquot.

Celebration at Danny’s Gastrobar and Jardín Bistró

From 20.30h until midnight, guests could taste an gastronomic offer and also listen to the musical sessions of the popular DJ Paco Colombás. During the first hours of the night guests gathered around Danny’s Gastrobar, also part of the Castro Group. The restaurant invited to taste exotic street food paired with the exquisite Veuve Cliquot champagne in an urban setting.

Later on, invited guests could taste a classic five course menu at the unique Bistró del Jardín. The famous restaurant in Puerto de Alcúdia is where Macarena de Castro began her stellar career in the world of restaurants. To celebrate the special occasion, the Michelin-awarded chef created an original menu. It included dishes such as llampuga tumbet or delicious cannelloni de carrillera as highlights. Seasonal vegetables, fresh seafood and meat, and also an exquisite wine selection delighted diners.

The recognition of Maca de Castro’s entrepreneurial Life

The event was intended to celebrate the chef’s award as “Grande Dame”. Macarena de Castro received this title in Reims a few days ago along with two other great names of our national cuisine: the chefs Begoña Rodrigo and Pepa Muñoz.

The title is awarded by the outstanding French champagne brand Veuve Clicquot. It recognises, highlights and also applauds the work of independent and enterpreneurial chefs who have been able to create and lead their own projects. Weeks ago, the three chefs visited the Clicquot wineries. There, they were able to discover first hand the process of making the precious champagne.

Photos by Eva Plasencia

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