Borne in Malloca in 1981, Maca de Castra creates divine cuisine made from the heart, passed down by generations of a family. Situated in the beautiful area of Alcúdia, the Michelin Star restaurant develops a taste for local ingredients with a modern flair.

About Maca de Castro

After training in the hospitality school, Mallorcan Head Chef Maca de Castra begun her quest for excellence which has taken her around the world. Collaborating with great chefs, including Hilario Arbelaitz, Juan Mari Arzak and Andoni Luis Aduriz in San Sebastian, Jean Coussau in Magescq and Willy Dufresne in New York, Maca started the new venture in Mallorca.

“Her cornerstone is her family, her team is her support, Mallorca is her commitment and the Mediterranean is the landscape that inspires her to infinity”.

About the Chef, Maca de Castro

The process of studying, comparing and researching traditional Mallorcan recipes gives rise to the style of culinary food in Maca de Castro restaurant: unrestrained Mallorcan cuisine. The restaurant is inspired by tradition where their menu is continuously updated with a deep understanding of the supply chain. This includes farmers, fishermen and wine growers, where the cuisine of the restaurant gives a new concept and approach to gastronomy.

Maca de Castro and her team Maca de Castro- With a wonderful event the Castro Group, gastro critics, press and friends celebrated the Macarena de Castro's new title "Grande Dame", awarded by Veuve Clicquot.

Maca de Castro Cuisine 

Maca de Castro travels around the island in search of the best ingredients. This includes the fish market of Puerto de Sóller for caproig, the port of Alcúdia for seafood, milk in Lloseta, where their vegetables are grown in their own garden in Sa Pobla.

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The dishes of Maca de Castro are created to evoke a sense of harmony of the five senses, an ode to that of Mare Nostrum, which is intertwined with the creative philosophy of the chef. Each creation celebrates the excellence of Mallorca, in a creative and daring approach.

In addition, the symbiosis of the cuisine with the wines is visionary. Guillermo de Lucas, their expert sommelier, shines the art of highlighting the vineyards of the island, introducing the most exclusive wines in the world to the restaurant, to complement an unprecedented cuisine.

Special Setting

Maca de Castro is nestled on the north coast of Mallorca, in beautiful Port d’Alcudia. Comprising of a coastline that boasts turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches, there are a wide range of amenities including restaurants, hotels and water activities.

This has led the area to be one of the most popular beach resorts, with its nearby town of Alcudia showcasing a particularly special charm.

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Photos courtesy of Maca de Castro

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