Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago have a story unlike any other. After meeting in the island of Ibiza, they fell in love, decided to get married and have since made waves together in the music industry. Laura is a talented saxophonist, whilst Ben is a skilled house DJ.

Together, they have successfully fused their contrasting sounds to dominate the most iconic venues on the White Isle, thanks to their unique sound, vibe and intensely passionate love for one another. Now, with exciting tours across the world, the couple have confirmed their own LACASA residency at BH Hotel in Calvia, Mallorca.

In Conversation with Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago are at the talented duo who have brought a unique offering to the music industry, with incredible live performances filled with energy. The unique pairing have unsurprisingly caught the attention of many, leading to an array of amazing opportunities, including worldwide tours and several iconic Ibiza residencies.

Your love story began in Ibiza. How did you meet and then make the decision to work together?

We met in Ibiza, where we were both working as individual artists. After we became a couple and started living together, slowly but surely, we started working together. Before you know it, we are a full-blown duo travelling the world and performing to thousands of people!

For those that may not know you both, how would you describe yourselves and your music? 

Uplifting house music with killer saxophone!

What led you both to become artists?

Quite simply; the love of music.

Your concept is incredible, combining a DJ with a saxophonist. How do you work together on a musical project?

We’ve got into a rhythm now and got it down to a fine art but it’s just a case of constantly trying new records that work well with the sax. There has to be space to play on the record and obviously some records lend themselves better to the saxophone than others do. We also try to spend at least one day a week in the studio working on either our own projects or tracks for our live sets. Sometimes we re-edit released records to make them work with the sax. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes!

What do you try to communicate to the audience with your music and vibe?

We just want the audience to enjoy themselves. As we previously touched on, the music in our sets is always uplifting, so what we’re looking for is lots of smiling faces and people having the time of their lives.

Favourite place to perform?

Definitely Ibiza!! There are plenty of other places that come to mind where the crowds are insane, but nothing ever beats Ibiza. It’s a combination of the crowds that come here and the Balearic magic of the island that make it our favourite place to perform.

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You are currently preparing to debut your new brand and party LACASA in Mallorca. Can you tell us more about it?

We’ve launched our own brand and event in Mallorca, where we will be doing a number of pool parties at the legendary BH Hotel. We called it “La Casa” which is Spanish for home. The idea was to create a friendly atmosphere where people can come and feel… you’ve guessed it, at home! It’s our first year so we’re hoping to get off to a big start. No pressure!

What drew you to Mallorca and what do you love about the island?

We came here a few years ago to do a private event and decided to stay on afterwards and explore the island. We were blown away with what we saw, it was absolutely stunning. Returning back to Ibiza, we asked our management team if we could please look into doing something in Mallorca and before we knew it, the job was done. Needless to say we can’t wait to get stuck in!

What can Mallorca fans expect from the LACASA Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago live show?

Memories that will last forever.

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago

Watch: Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago at LACASA at BH Hotel Mallorca.

Dates: Throughout August

More info: Visit their events page.

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