Spring has arrived, a time of new beginnings and new opportunities. It is also the time when Mallorca comes to life and prepares to charm young and old with its timeless beauty, exciting adventures, outstanding food and tantalising local wines. Like the adventure Look Mallorca team have started this year. “We are proud to announce that from this edition: Look Mallorca Spring 2018 will be ongoing published and distributed also in German.

In this edition, Michelin star chef Andreu Genestra takes us on a discovery of Mallorca’s culinary traditions and dishes made with the finest local ingredients. You’ll even get to try your hand at one of his recipes!

It is also the perfect time to pamper yourself in one of the Exclusive Spas on the island that we have selected for you. The mind needs to relax as well, so why not visit one of the many picturesque and calm retreats featured in our article on page 88?

And right now? Well, it’s a good time to sit back, enjoy the beautiful springtime with this new edition of Look Mallorca and imagine all the fantastic activities that await you this season.

Thanks again for choosing Look Mallorca and see you soon!

Table of Content Look Mallorca Spring 2018


  • One day in Llucmajor
  • Discover Mallorca: La Serra de Tramuntana
  • Insider Guide: Best Spas on Mallorca
  • Chef Andreu Genestra
  • Recipe: Grilled prawn with pickled prickly pear & avocado hummus
  • Business woman: Lucila Siquier, Carin Isgard & Pernilla Danielsson

Fashion & Beauty

  • Fashion Designer: Stella Lavinia
  • Editorial: Floral Romance
  • Spring Make up


  • 5 Reasons not to miss the Mallorca Open
  • Spruce up your outdoors
  • Interior Design: Beyond Peace, Harmony
  • Holistic Retreat
  • Yachting Design
  • Travel Guide: Paris, Oporto & San Sebastian
  • Branding, Why is it so important?
  • Relocation Interview: Meet Haute couture designer, Millerlandy & what she loves about the island.

Look Mallorca Spring 2018 – English, Spanish & Swedish

Look Mallorca Spring 2018 – English, Spanish & German

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