Liza Iakovleva has long held a passion to succeed, achieving notable success already in her career. We had the pleasure to sit down with the determined and captivating entrepreneur to find about her journey, goals and inspirations as a businesswoman in Mallorca.

After travelling around different corners of the world, Liza Iakovleva (27 years old) decided to settle in Mallorca, falling in love with the unique balance that the island provided between work and enjoyment. This has also been the destination the inspiring entrepreneur chose to start her unique business venture, Hotel Treats.

Liza Iakovleva – Founder of Hotel Treats

Since a young age, Liza Iakovleva has had a burgeoning desire and interest to discover the world. After completing a degree in Business Administration and Management in Bulgaria, she bravely moved to Miami to continue her studies and embark on what has proven to be, an already successful career.

Graduating from Miami Dade College in 2015, Liza began working in the hotel industry, learning first hand the importance exceptional service makes to a client’s overall experience. With a passion for first-class facilities and customer care, Liza has acquired a wealth of knowledge that has contributed and benefited her role as a successful entrepreneur.    Liza Iakovleva

Moving to Mallorca four years ago, Liza sought to find something that was both useful and fulfilling, ultimately turning it into a rewarding business. With a desire to open the doors to luxury through extraordinary experiences at the finest establishments, together with three brilliant co-founders, Hotel Treats was founded on the island.

The prestigious Castillo Son Vida was Liza’s very first client, where she successfully created an online platform to sell concert tickets. This was the precedence for all things to come, as Liza has built a partnership with other internationally respected names, including St. Regis Mardavall, Park Hyatt Mallorca and Hotel Maricel.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Hotel Treats, it stands as a unique and compelling business which offers luxury experiences at a multitude of exceptional venues. “People often have the misconception that they can not access luxury amenities” expressed Liza about the driving force behind the company. However, with Hotel Treats, anyone is able to enjoy these.

With a guarantee on quality and first-class customer care, the business has gone from strength to strength, where Liza now works with over 100 hotels across Spain. Of course, this driven businesswoman is certain to spread her wings across the globe, with Italy and Portugal chosen as the next destinations for the growing company.

In addition to being extremely hard-working with ample drive and determination, Liza has a level of intelligence and courage which is highly commendable at her age. With a strong will to work in something that is meaningful, Liza has created a special company with an unparalleled level of excellence.

We wondered, what were the qualities that have allowed this businesswoman to already achieve so much success? “I have found a balance in Mallorca” expresses Liza, who has learnt how to live and relax and at the same time put her skills and drive into a business. Yoga and spending time with family and friends all contribute to the perfect harmony Liza is fully experiencing on the island. The power of her mind and will of determination has pushed her to never give up in her dreams and to make the appropriate changes in a situation if it does not make her happy.

When asked what her advice would be to budding entrepreneurs, Liza wistfully answered that one must “set a goal and find the journey to get there even if it is uncertain” – which has definitely worked for this inspiring businesswoman.

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