Lionsgate Capital has quickly become the leader in Mortgage Advisory in Mallorca, where the most superior real estate brokers and lawyers consistently recommend the business to source the best mortgage conditions for their clients. Offering an unrivalled experience and expertise, Lionsgate Capital pride themselves on the satisfaction given to their clients.

About Lionsgate Capital

Lionsgate Capital, has emerged as the leading Spanish mortgage company, where it’s headquarters are situated on the prestigious Paseo del Borne in Palma de Mallorca. Headed by Drew Aaron and a team of experienced professionals, the company have an outstanding knowledge in the Spanish banking industry, where they understand every client’s needs.

The team works to do everything that is necessary to ensure that each and every client maximises their savings by obtaining the best possible mortgage or financial solution at all times. Trust and discretion form an integral part of Lionsgate Capital, where they work together with over 20 banks in Spain and internationally.

Through this special relationship, they are able to offer their clients the very best solutions and results. The types of services that can be taken include Resident Mortgages, Non Tax Resident Mortgages, Construction Mortgages, Investment Mortgages, Interest only Mortgages, Equity Release Mortgages and Lombard Loans

With clients from every corner of the world, the business have fantastic skills and expertise in every type of application. These can range from straightforward applications to clients to more complex structures. Due to their great relationship with banks in Mallorca, the clients of Lionsgate Capital are given priority treatment – a perk that many would desire to have.

Furthermore, thanks to the the volume of transactions, the quality of clients and their professionalism, they are able to speed up the process and negotiate better terms and conditions.

Lionsgate Capital is also the owner of Gallery RED, a one-of-a-kind gallery in Mallorca. With its special design and extraordinary collections, the innovative venue offers a unique buying experience in the heart of Mallorca‘s capital.

Gallery Red Gallery Red in Palma- There are many different words to describe the one-of-a-kind Gallery Red in Palma. With its special design and extraordinary collections it offers a unique buying experience in the heart of Mallorca's capital.
Gallery Red Gallery Red – Creating Luxury Lifestyle- With a unique concept, Gallery Red combines fine art with fashion and interior design in an eclectic, cool, and inspirational manner – creating a luxury lifestyle in Mallorca and Ibiza.

The Team

The Lionsgate Capital team is made up of twelve seasoned professionals, which includes former bankers who together acclimate over 50 years experience in the banking system. With a incredible knowledge of the Spanish banking industry, the team have a thorough understanding of legalities and processes.

Driven by a real passion for their work and results, the team consistently aim to find the best solutions in every type of mortgage application, taking into account each client’s profile and background, in order to obtain the best results at all times.

Contact Lionsgate

Address: C/ Constitución 1, 1st Floor, 07001, Palma de Mallorca

Phone: +34 971 100 637



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