Lin Utzon is an acclaimed artist, who has completed an extensive body of international work which spans widely from a series of porcelain for the Royal Copenhagen to set designs and costumes for the Danish Royal Ballet.

Lin Utzon

In addition to completion of architectural decorations for the beautiful Bagsværd Church in Copenhagen, this iconic artist has also had her work exhibited at the most prestigious galleries and museums in Mallorca.

Particularly impressive, was Utzon’s ‘Cosmic Dance’ exhibition at Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art in Palma. Showcasing works in various forms, including ceramics, sculptures, oil paintings and drawings, Utzon intended to represent the essence of nature of which, we are all apart of.

Lin Utzon

Drawing inspiration from a famous Albert Einstein expression, where “we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper”, this dance has been the signature of her artistic commitment for over twenty years.

As the daughter of Jorn Utzon, the famous Danish architect behind the Sydney Opera House, Utzon was educated as an art craftswoman and textile designer. From a young age, this artist became interested in the inspirational potential of nature, exploring black and white paintings concerning the strength of the Mallorcan landscape.

Lin Utzon

Utzon has participated in numerous group exhibitions and renowned public works, also receiving a number of distinctions in an acknowledgement of her exceptional work. Being inspired by the production of clay and porcelain in Japan and Rosendahl, Germany, Utzon was inspirited to advance with pottery and its many derivations in Mallorca.

Lin Utzon

Some of her most notable pieces include the decorated walls in the library of the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College in Frederiksberg, as well as ceramics for the Copenhagen Airport. In all of her work, the accomplished artist progresses from monumental architecture to changing scales which generate new visions from the individual to the collective.

Photos by Guillem Mas

“We all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper”

Albert Einstein

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