As founder of the successful Ibiza Retreats, Larah Davis seeks to empower her clients with their own innate resources in a navigation through life’s challenges. 

When did you decide to start? What was your motivation?

I began Ibiza Retreats in 2007 after losing a dear friend to cancer and working with her closely throughout her to offer natural pain-relief and emotional healing.Whilst she passed at the end of the year, innately, she found peace. I was inspired to leave my life in London and step up and serveby offering retreats where guests can truly find their freedom to be who they are.

What were the main obstacles to developing your business?

The financial systems and tax modalities in Ibiza make it very challenging for emerging entrepreneurs. I founded Ibiza Retreats with my own seed money and my partner Susie and I have grown the organisation without further investment.

And the tastiest successes?

Every time I see a profound change in one of my yoga students, yoga therapy clients or retreat guests feels like a truly delicious success to me.

Tell us what are the pillars and the personal elements of your business.

I seek to empower – to connect my clients to their own innate resources, their inherent wisdom, their power to heal themselves, to navigate life challenges successfully, to cultivate strength and clarity through body, heart and mind.

I seek to empower my clients to their own innate resources

Larah Davis

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