The new interior design of La Paloma restaurant in Palma has further enhanced its appeal, transforming the eatery into an even more delightful setting to enjoy a fabulous dinner of lunch.

Stunning interiors at La Paloma

La Paloma is one of the oldest restaurants in Palma and one of the few that has retained its authentic architecture. Established in 1938, the restaurant is enriched with history and intrigue, evoking visions of ancient cultures.

Welcoming new and existing clients, the new interior design has allowed the restaurant to fuse a perfect blend between authenticity and modernity. Led by the talented Designer, Yvonne Börjesson, La Paloma is now the perfect setting to enjoy truly exceptional cuisine.

“When I saw the existing space with old stone walls and wooden beams on the ceiling, my mind drifted far away. As much as I am interested in modern design, I very much want to keep the authenticity of a place. Working together with the owner Miguel, we desired to keep the old soul of the building and the history of Palma, as well as introducing new modern designs”.

Yvonne Börjesson, Designer

The restaurant can seat over 100 guests, where the implementation of different colour elements has allowed for the space to become livelier. Each corner is different, but works in perfect harmony with its existing space.

The lamps chosen are all made out of brass and bronze to create a certain feeling of warmth and to add an authentic touch to its aesthetic. Furthermore, the addition of blue ceramics has enhanced the Mediterranean feel of the new interior design.

Upstairs there is a small space for private dinners, where the staircase was touched with decoration to create an intimate atmosphere. Yvonne Börjesson has cleverly implemented a feather-light in its ceiling, which moves with the air, and makes guests react and look upwards when entering the restaurant.

The Swedish born designer also wanted to bring humouristic details to the new interior design, with golden forks and spoons hanging as decor. This has created a warm and cosy feeling, inviting diners into a space that truly feels like home.

Being a product designer of seat furniture, Yvonne Börjesson also masterly created a 9 meter long sofa bench in smooth leather. This brings a real connectivity to the island, being produced in Mallorca.

About La Paloma

La Paloma restaurant is situated in La Lonja in the old town of Palma. Seeping with history, the area is truly unique, with the building dating back to the 14th century.

The restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine, sourced from local produce and with a wide variety of tapas. Its new interior design has simply made the restaurant a perfect setting for lunch or dinner with loved ones or friends.

Designer: Yvonne Börjesson

Photos: Pernilla Danielsson

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