Katharina Pfeil is a self-taught artist with an enigmatically positive energy. Born in Cologne, Germany, this accomplished artist has lived in Mallorca for over twenty years, holding a deep adoration for the island.

Talent & Creativity

Her first individual exhibition was held in 2009 as part of the ‘Art Night’, organised by the prestigious ABA Gallery in Palma. Since then, the gallery has continued to support and focus their efforts on her work, hosting several of Pfeil’s exhibitions – thus highlighting her masterful talent and evolution as an iconic artist.

Previous to her emergence in the world of arts, Pfeil worked in fashion, theatre and as a set-designer for films, injecting an unparalleled level of creativity into her work. Today, her collections are bought to life from spiritual, metaphysical and mythological influences. Also she experiments with an array of materials, including metal, lime, clay, wool, plaster, textiles, wood and fascinatingly, sound.

“The human process is the basis of my inspiration,
on an individual level and in collective development”

Materials & Nature

Pfeil’s work comprises complex mechanisms, bios, systems and creations, which are conceptual in nature and offer fundamental aspects that incorporate notions of human existence with the aid of elemental shapes. These pure materials, which have been taken directly from nature, form an essential part of her work, where ‘bios’ are a unique abbreviation of an input-output system.

Pfeil stresses that the techniques used to shape and texturize her surfaces are wholly applied as a tool for expression, driven by a magnetic intuition. This method is used as a symbol, and has been a key part of her work throughout her wholly successful career.


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