A contemporary Mediterranean style, good taste, expertise and passion. Since 2006 the architect Jaime Salvá and his team are dedicated to designing and building innovative family homes, multi-housing and interiors in Mallorca. In their dynamic and entrepreneurial architecture studio located in Palma de Mallorca they make future home owner’s dreams come true.

About Jaime Salvá

Jaime Salvá was born in Palma de Mallorca in a family dedicated to the world of construction and decoration. His great-grandfather founded Salvá Construcciones during the 1940s. He was responsible for such important works as the Palau March and the Possessió s’Avall among others. Later Jaime’s father continued the tradition in the sector with Salvá Decoración. He decorated prestigious houses in the most exclusive areas of Mallorca, Madrid or Zurich.

Jaime Salvá first studied Superior Architecture in the city of Barcelona where he graduated in 2004. He combined his studies with work in renowned offices. One of them was the Barcelona Architecture Studio owned by the brothers Robert and Esteve Terradas.

After finishing his studies Jaime’s interest to improve and learn didn’t cease. So he decided to move to the United States to work in the city of San Francisco for one year in the renowned office Korth Sunseri Hagey Architects. There he had the chance to participate in interesting projects. One of them was the home of the film director George Lucas or office buildings in Silicon Valley.

When he returned to Mallorca in 2006, he created his own studio on the Paseo del Borne in the heart of Palma. He now develops integral architecture projects and also offers a wide range of other services. Since the studio’s opening Jaime and his team have carried out projects of single-family homes, multi-family housing and other different projects.

The Architecture Studio

The architect Jaime Salvá founded his architecture studio in 2006. Its main activity focuses on the integral development of architectural projects, especially focused on residential use, both single- and multi-family.

The team’s passion is design and architecture. They understand it as a global concept, working not only on the exterior of the building, but also on the inside. This way they achieve a consistent and coherent end result since the same team controls the whole process.

From the studio architect Jamie Salvá and his team control all aspects of the project. From the idea or initial concept to the development of the design, the processing of the building permits and the construction management. They design in 3D from the beginning on. This allows the client to participate in the design phase and understand perfectly how his project will later look like before the building begins.

At the studio Jaime Salvá and his team speak Spanish and English. The team consists of the best local professionals on the island. Furthermore, they are also experts in networking to obtain everything needed to achieve an optimal result.


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