With almost one million followers on Instagram Jacqueline Mikuta is one of the hippest and most desired bloggers right now. The well-travelled Swedish girl and her boyfriend Klemens White create cool outfits, amazing photos and fun posts for their blog Mikuta which enjoys great international success. Meet the humble and passionate girl behind the blog!

About Jacqueline Mikuta

Where do you live? Right now I live in Berlin, but go often to Mallorca which is my second home.

How would you describe yourself with five words? Happy, hard working, positive, creative and simple.

What are your main interests and hobbies? I love photography, reading, travel and cooking.

Blogger Girl

What is your profession? I’m a blogger, content creator and photographer.

What have you studied or worked as before? I’ve studied photography, graphic design and art direction. I used to work as a make up artist and stylist and used to shoot various photography projects.

How did your career as a blogger start? It began out mostly for fun and to share my days with my friends but after attending a blogger award I got so inspired and convinced my boyfriend to start doing it seriously and full time.

Since when are you working as a blogger? I started doing it seriously around two and a half years ago but it started with struggle and took around one year to call it a job.

The Freedom to create

What do you love most about your job? To be able to work from wherever and whenever, all the travelling and the chance to meet so many inspiring people.

How would you describe a typical day in your job? My days consist of shooting and working on new content, answering e-mails, picking up packages, preparing new projects, attending events or travelling. There is always something going on!

What fascinates you about photography, fashion and blogging? The freedom of being creative and doing whatever you want and love!

Where do you see yourself in the future, what would you like to accomplish? I love how life keeps on surprising us, so I don’t like to plan too much. But I dream of owning my own company whether it be my own label or agency. I will also for sure though keep on with photography and the blog!

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