Situated in the bustling area of Santa Catalina in Palma, Izakaya offers delicious Japanese cuisine with a menu that is designed to be shared over good times with your loved ones.

About Izakaya

The name Izakaya means a typical Japanese bar or restaurant where people go after work to drink and eat something. Located in the trendy area of Santa Catalina, this is a lovely Japanese tavern that offers a unique concept of cuisine in Mallorca. The concept of Izakaya is clear from the moment you arrive – to share a good time with friends, family or with your loved one.

With fantastic Japanese cuisine and a fantastic interior design, the restaurant is the perfect setting to enjoy a dinner in Palma. Their dishes have been designed to share with a great quality of products that truly awakens the senses.

Izakaya Cuisine 

The menu at the restaurant is steeped in history, tradition and unique flavours, being accompanied by exceptional and unique beverages. For example, diners can expect to try Sake, Japanese beer and cocktails both with Japanese and cosmopolitan influences. Sushi is part of the menu, which can be found in the most classic varieties as well as in innovate fusions.

What makes the restaurant particularly special is its offering of raw dishes, hot cuisine and Japanese tapas that respect the origins of Japanese home cooking. The recipes that have been created by their chef exude simplicity, offering a unique blend of textures and flavours with an ideal presentation.

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Unique Location

The restaurant is situated in the bustling area of Santa Catalina. The neighbourhood offers an exciting mix of cultures and is one of the most visited neighbourhoods in Palma.

The area is definitely one of the up and coming destinations in the city and stands as a paradise for foodies, with a great selection of international cuisine on offer. Santa Catalina is a true reflection the latest food and lifestyle trends and is a particularly popular spot for leisure and enjoyment.

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