There are a great selection of international schools in Mallorca, with British, French, Swedish and German education systems. They teach in their native language but also incorporate Spanish and often an additional language.

Ecoescola SaLlavor

Sa Llavor is located in Binissalem, opening its doors to more than 100 students who experience, learn and develop, following their personal rhythms and strengthening themselves through their talents and qualities for life. After 10 years of experience, the school became the first approved Centre for Infant and Primary Education that teaches Holistic Pedagogy, authorised by the Department of Education and the University of the Balearic Islands.

Address: Carrer del Metge Borràs, Plaça 3, Binissalem


My School International School Mallorca

Mallorca International School is committed to ensuring that its students receive high quality education through a rich curricular theme and a rigorous formative and summative evaluation process in order to support the progress and goals of each individual. The school follows the British National Plan of Studies and is recognised by both the British and Spanish authorities.

Address: Carrer del Llorer 1, Sa Pobla


Mallorca International School

Mallorca International School is committed to offering their students a sound academic education linked with a positive attitude for life to be able to succeed under the pressure of an expeditiously changing world. The school is one of the many great schools in Mallorca and follows the German curriculum of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in combination with the Spanish education system.

Address: Carrer del Llorer, 1, 07420 Sa Pobla


Baleares International College 

Baleares International College is a British international school for boys and girls aged 2 to 18 years old. There are two campuses: one located in Sa Porrassa and the other in Sant Agustí, just outside of Palma.

Address: Calle de Mariá de Villangómez 17, San Augustí

Schools in Mallorca

Escola Arimunani

Arimunani is a school that offers non-invasive training, which fosters identifying and enhancing the talents of each and every child. At the school, they believe that personalised education, in accordance with the learning rhythms of each student and that fosters self-esteem and respect is possible.

Address: Diseminado 8431 28, Son Ferriol


Lycée Français Palma

The French Lyceum of Palma welcomes children of all backgrounds and cultures. Beyond the academic success and individual development of the students, it seeks to develop in them the exercise of free judgment, respect for others, the understanding of the legacies of history, openness to the world in its diversity through the mastery of several languages.

Address: Carrer de Josep Villalonga 27, Palma


The Montessori School of Mallorca

Montessori education emphasises independence, freedom within limits and respect for the child’s natural development. The school follows a Montessori curriculum and operates as a British school in line with the English national curriculum. English, Spanish and Catalan are languages of communication and teaching in the school.

Address: Carrer Batle Josep Can 9, Santa María

Queen’s College

Queen’s College offers a unique, tried and tested learning program in English. It is an international educational centre with a friendly, family atmosphere in an idyllic setting in a school which continually strives for educational excellence using proven methodologies.

Address: Carrer Joan de Saridakis 64, Palma

Schools in Mallorca

Green Valley School

Green Valley School is a school that follows the British curriculum. Here, children have the opportunity to learn with a good balance between the two languages: English and Spanish. Children can also choose a third language to study, being Catalan, French, German or Swedish.

Address: Camí de la Vileta, 210, 07011 Palma

King Richard College

King Richard College is an international school welcoming children from all over the world. The house system gives all students the opportunity to work as a team contributing their knowledge and learning new skills. In this way they also aid students to interact with others of different ages developing new communication and confidence skills.

Address: Carrer Oratori, 4, 07181 Portals Nous

Agora Portals International School

Agora Portals International School is a private school in Mallorca belonging to the international group NACE Schools. It is located in Portals Nous, Calvià, with a 100% pass in ‘Selectividad’. This is one of the only schools in Mallorca that is an official music conservatory and was the first school in the Balearic Islands to incorporate the International Baccalaureate curriculum in 2011.

Address: Carretera Palma-Andratx 156, Portals Nous

Bellver International College

Bellver International College is the longest established privately owned British school in Spain. The college is situated in a residential area 3 km from the centre of Palma in Mallorca. At Bellver International College, English is the language of instruction. All pupils become bilingual in English and Spanish where French, German and Catalan are also offered.

Address: Carrer de Josep Costa I Ferrer 4, San Augustín

Schools in Mallorca

The Academy International School

The Academy International School is a dynamic centre of education. The children follow the National Curriculum of England and Wales which incorporates a wide spectrum of subjects and topics.

Address: Camí de Son Ametler 250, Marratxí

Eurocampus Deutsche Schule Mallorca

The Eurocampus German School in Palma de Mallorca. It is a German school abroad and works in close cooperation with the German School Barcelona to carry out the final examinations. From the first grade, Spanish and English is taught as a foreign language, as well as a maximum of two hours of lessons per week, are taught in Catalan.

Address: Avinguda Fra Joan Llabrés

Palma College

Palma College was established in 2012 to meet the increasing demands of an international community seeking a dedicated sixth form provision on Mallorca. The founders of Palma College recognise the need to provide a unique platform for young people which offers academic and life skills, helping young people to prepare to adapt and be flexible with skills and qualifications.

Address: Carrer de Can Verí 5, Palma

Schools in Mallorca

The Academy International School

The Academy International School is a dynamic centre of education. The children follow the National Curriculum of England and Wales which incorporates a wide spectrum of subjects and topics. The majority of the students are Spanish, British or German with an international representation that gives students a global perspective and allows for the promotion of a rich cultural experience.

Address: Cami de Son Ametler Vell, 250, 07141 Marratxi

Baleares International College (B.I.C)

With students from over 40 different countries, Baleares International College has one of the most varied international student bodies in Spain. The college is a British-style international school for boys and girls aged 2 to 18 years old. There are two campuses, one located in Sa Porrassa and the other in Sant Agustí, a very special location just outside Palma.
Schools in Mallorca

Escola Global Mallorca

Escola Global Mallorca is a private initiative which started in 2008. The school works with a philosophy to provide a different and unique style of education for their growing children and their community, stimulating each student’s intelligence, talents as well as social abilities.

Address: Carretera de Valldemossa, KM 7,4, 07121 Palma

The American International School of Mallorca

The American International School of Mallorca develops a programme of schooling and sporting excellence based on the American high school system. The school is a vibrant co-educational school focused on bringing out the best of students, with the school’s philosophy based on the term “education” in the widest possible sense.

Address: Ctra. Cales de Mallorca s/n, Km 1,2, 07500 Manacor
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