Founded in Mallorca in 1996, Llevant en Marxa is an inspiring NGO which helps disadvantaged groups in Africa and South America. Implementing compelling social, medical and educational projects, the organisation has emerged as an important social fabric which is dedicated to creating a supportive sphere to some of the poorest communities in the world.

About Llevant en Marxa

Contributing their professional knowledge and skilful experience, doctors, entrepreneurs, artists and volunteers have devoted their time to a range of meaningful and critical projects. Led by Antoni Mesquida, an influential and compassionate leader, the organisation has achieved international projection and worthy recognition for their continuous efforts for more than twenty years.

Llevant en Marxa

Ethiopia, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador, Guatemala and Cuba have all felt the tremendous support of Llevant en Marxa. Here, water, health, education and agriculture are the fundamental pillars of their endeavours, which strives for the autonomy of communities, promoting initiatives that allow them to develop a better life independently. The actions in Colombia and Peru offer alternatives for development in a society that requires urgent investments in education, health and business projects.

Health teams in depressed areas are trained by doctors and nursing staff so that continuity becomes the legacy of the NGO. Take for example, the Gambo Hospital in Ethiopia, where leprosy is prevalent and a fragile balance plays out between life and death. As the only health centre in operation within the entire rural region, a population of around 340,000 people are attended, where Llevant en Marxa participates in its management and takes care of 30% of its running costs.

In the same country, in the area of ​​Ropi, Llevant in Marxa has provided a necessary supply of drinking water through a reverse osmosis system – a fundamental right of life. In Kachachullo, the NGO also founded a school for 250 children in addition to an agricultural cooperative which now operates at full capacity. Antoni Mesquida wants women to become strong, through the implantation of initiatives that help their families progress, fight against ablation and participate in training courses and workshops, where “education is the basis of the future”.

Llevant en Marxa

Since its inauguration, Llevant en Marxa has been captivated by the local communities that they help, at the sane time fully aware of the need to collaborate with the most disadvantaged groups. At the end of each important expedition, there is always a moment of sadness and joy – for the knowledge acquired, the moments shared and where recovering the smiles of children are always the most cherished reward.

What can you do to help?

There are many ways you can collaborate with Llevant en Marxa and help the cause, from making a donation, sponsoring a bed to volunteering on an expedition.

Telephone: +34 626 19 59 13


Llevant en Marxa

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