Chances are the warmer temperatures and longer days have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and wanting to spend more time outside. You still haven’t spruced up your outdoors? Here are some tips on how to get your garden and terrace ready for summer.

Time to clean up

First of all, clear your terrace or patio of all chairs, tables and potted plants. Take a broom to it, removing any dirt or leaves. Then pressure wash or deep clean with detergent. Don’t forget to clean the outdoor furniture.

Start Decorating

Cleaning is not the only way how to get your garden and terrace ready for summer. Decoration is key. Buy plants that can thrive in pots and planters all year long and that are low in maintenance. Think agaves, cycads, aloes, yuccas, cactus, etc. Clip and trim back so that the new growth can take place. You should also remove weeds and top up the pots with fresh enriched soil. You can also invest in new decorative scatter cushions and add new lanterns or candles. A storage box is furthermore a great way to make any outdoor space feel tidier.

Jars and Vases

Oil jars, typical for Mediterranean places like Mallorca, are a wonderful way of accenting a terrace without the need for additional planting. They furthermore add a calm yet strong statement to the terrace and will look great year round. Your emblem, logo or coat of arms can be used to embellish an oil jar or terracotta vase. If you would like to know more about personalized terracotta, please get in touch with Jennifer Warren-Gash of Mashamba Design.

Call a Professional

If you are thinking of completely revamping your outdoor living area, why not call a professional. Many professionals offer a first free consultation, and they will be able to give you a general idea about the budget required for your project. However, do expect to pay for plans, material lists or a fully itemized quote. “A professional can give you guidance in areas you haven’t thought of,” says Jennifer Warren-Gash, a professional terrace designer here in Mallorca. “Also, like most purchases, you get what you pay for. Don’t always go for the cheapest option.”


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