Opening the doors to luxury, Hotel Treats is a unique platform which offers a range of amazing services and experiences in Mallorca and beyond. Whether you are on holiday or want to gift an unforgettable present for your loved one, Hotel Treats has emerged as the most perfect tool.

Guaranteeing quality and first-class client satisfaction, the fantastic company has a wealth of options to choose from. From exquisite brunches to an idyllic day at a spa, at Hotel Treats you can easily browse and compare experiences from the finest establishments in your area.

Unique Experiences in Mallorca

Founded in Mallorca by four driven and internationally experienced Founders, Hotel Treats is a wonderful online marketplace which offers gift vouchers and experiences at a selection of the best hotels in Spain. With over 100 hotels in their directory and plans to expand to Portugal and Italy, the growing business prides themselves on offering top-level services for their clients, so that they can experience an unparalleled level of luxury.

Previously, hotels were limited to dazzling their clients with amenities only available to overnight guests. However, in today’s increasingly savvy market, travellers expect more. Hotel Treats meets this demand through offering unique experiences to anyone who desires it.

Experiences in Mallorca

Iberostar Grand Portals Nous

In addition to a strong focus on their guests, the company takes great care of the hotels they work with, allowing their doors to be opened to a countless number of potential customers. Through this, hotels can masterfully connect with local residents and businesses to ensure that their facilities are run at optimum capacity.

For hotels, selling gift vouchers and experiences with Hotel Treats not only creates a new stream of revenue, but offers a personalised experience that is highly valued by each and every client.

Experiences in Mallorca

Hotel Nixe Palace

For guests, Hotel Treats is the ultimate destination to purchase the most amazing gifts and experiences. Overcoming the misconception that only a select few can have access to the finest establishments, Hotel Treats allows one to enjoy a luxury experience within exclusive premises.

From a relaxing day at a spa to a delicious new tasting menu by an acclaimed chef, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends or business partners at Hotel Treats. Among some very prestigious brands and establishments, their clients include St. Regis Mardavall, Park Hyatt Mallorca and Hotel Maricel.

“We open the doors to luxury”

Liza Iakovleva – Founder of Hotel Treats

Exclusive Treats

Continually considering their client’s experience, Hotel Treat’s fantastic website is extremely user friendly and dynamic, implementing the latest technological advancements.

Here, you can buy online, where you, or the person you are buying a gift for, will receive a voucher which can be printed or presented to the hotel in digital format. An added plus is that you can also choose from several personalised templates where you can add your very own special message or select the date that you want your voucher to be delivered!

Experiences in Mallorca

Hotel Ca’s Xorc

Special Benefits

In addition to fantastic accommodation packages and gifts, Hotel Treats gives exclusive offers to residents of the Balearic Islands. This allows locals to really enjoy their surroundings, making for an entirely special experience which is close to home. Collating a range of wonderful gastronomical, leisure and relaxation options, clients can can buy online and use at a hotel on a desired date.

It is also well worth mentioning Hotel Treat’s special monthly giveaway, where clients are autonomically entered into a draw when they purchase a voucher. This is a particularly attractive offer thanks to the amazing hotels which participate in the prize – meaning an extraordinary experience most certainly awaits!

Passionate Founder

Liza Iakovleva Liza Iakovleva – Founder of Hotel Treats- Liza Iakovleva is the inspiring businesswoman behind Hotel Treats, a unique business that opens the doors to luxury. We sat down with the passionate and wise entrepreneur.

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Telephone: +34 871 51 00 40


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Experiences in Mallorca

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