The island has become more and more attractive for holistic retreats all year round. Mallorca invites you to slow down, take time to admire its natural beauty and to rediscover yourself. Sometimes a break from daily routine can be a life changer. To stop, breathe and question whether the life you are living is the way you really want to live. How far from your ideal life are you now? Do you have the courage to self-reflect and to start all over again?

A fast-paced World

Motion, movement, speed. The world is spinning and so are we, literally. At times so fast that we no longer know how we ended up in something, or how to stop it. Living a fast-paced life can be ever so exciting, but also ever so challenging and draining. The constant buzz and impressions from media updates, phones and computers never really allows our brain to completely relax. We are so used to ‘deliver’, to be ambitious, to keep busy. That essential down time ‘doing nothing’ or ‘just being’ is not prioritized, as we feel the need to avoid that niggling sensation of guilt while being lazy and unproductive. The noise or chatter in our heads is our constant companion.

Mallorca as Destination

Picture the lush beauty of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and 550 km of coastline facing the emerald Mediterranean Sea. Rich fertile soil that allows flowers, vegetables and fruits to grow and flourish. Ancient olive groves, orange and lemon trees. Fresh air. It is understandable that Mallorca, with all its natural offerings, is witnessing an increase in a new kind of tourism on the island, people who come to relax and to rediscover themselves.

Best water activities in Mallorca Best Water Activities in Mallorca- The warm climate, enjoyable water temperature and scenic coastline make our island the ideal destination for all kinds of watersports lovers. We have listed the best water activities in Mallorca for you.

Yoga on the Island

Lately, Mallorca has become more attractive as an all-year-round proposition when it comes to boutique-style yoga havens. Many organisers have found their niche in organising upmarket retreats in secluded luxury farmhouses and mansions immersed in the countryside. Outside the peak tourism season, visitors can really explore the true beauty of the island. Spending time in nature helps to bring us closer to our true self. To pause, breathe and to be present in the moment.

Rejuvenate Soul, Mind and Spirit

We all come to Mallorca for different reasons. Sometimes to go away, and sometimes to come ‘home’. To look inward rather than outside. Whatever it may be, it is hard not to admit that Mallorca does have a certain kind of untouchable magnetism and feeling of comfort and healing. Many people come to rejuvenate their soul, mind and spirit, while nourishing their body with healthy wholesome fresh food and challenging the mind and body with yoga classes, hikes, and meditation.

Best Spas in Mallorca- Relaxation and Mallorca go hand in hand and there is no better way to treat yourself than by spending a day at one of the island's most luxurious spas. We have created a list of the best spas in Mallorca which will help you to rest, relax and gain some much needed energy.

Text by Anna Johansson & Gabrielle Gambina, Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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