Situated to the west of Mallorca within the Serra de Tramuntana mountains lies Esporles, a beautiful and tranquil town. Thanks to its idyllic environment, the area has retained a real sense of intimacy and features a particularly special charm.

Guide to Esporles

Locals often call Esporles one of Mallorca’s best kept secrets due to the very few tourists which make a visit here. For this reason, Esporles is the perfect place to discover the island’s traditions away from the hustle and bustle of the mass crowds.

The town is wonderfully quiet and especially beautiful with breath-taking views of its surrounding countryside. With well-preserved traditional stone architecture, Esporles is definitely well-recommended to discover an alternative however equally divine experience in Mallorca.

Esporles and its surrounding suburbs are relatively untouched by tourism, with many locals and an expats making their home here. Being just 20 minutes drive from Palma de Mallorca, the town has become a particularly desirable place to live, and can be comparable to other prestigious mountain villages in Mallorca, such as Valldemossa and Deia.

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How to get to Esporles

Esporles is situated in a fantastic position on the island, being only a 25-minute drive from Palma airport. Alternatively, for those that arrive by public transport there are also easy options for you. From Plaça d’Espanya in the capital city, you can take a bus which will connect you to Esporles where you can also explore the nearby villages of Estellencs and Banyalbufar.

Things to do in Esporles

Strolling through the gorgeous streets of Esporles, visitors can enjoy the stunning facades of its buildings and houses, which will allow one to really relax and unwind. The area is also an exceptional setting to practice outdoor sports, with great options for hiking, cycling, canyoning and climbing.


Thanks to its position within a valley of the Serra de Tramuntana, Esporles has steadily emerged as a popular spot for cyclists. One of its most poplar routes travels through the nearby village of Banyalbufar, where lovers of bicycles can enjoy steep climbs, winding roads and thrilling descents.

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There are different routes that leave or pass through Esporles, which will allow you to really appreciate the landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana. Hiking is the best way to discover hidden settings of the island, which would not be accessible if travelling by car.

The most popular hike travels from Banyalbufar to Esporles and which forms part of the GR221, otherwise known as the Dry Stone Route. Its popularity stems from its awe-inspiring views of the island’s incredible landscapes, where you can witness natural springs, and gorgeous sea views.

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For those that enjoy the finer things in life, a day tasting the island’s delicious wines is well recommended. Situated within the area is Es Verger, a family-run vineyard which is renowned for producing 100% ecological wines, as well as its wine cellar and working olive oil mill.

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La Granja

Towards Banyalbufar is La Granja, a museum dedicated to the history and traditions of Mallorca. The beautiful setting is housed within a stunning beautiful 17th-century mansion and surrounded by lush vegetation and natural springs.

A very special part of La Granja is its gardens, which are home to diverse flora, trees and flowers – which in springtime is a true spectacle of colour. It is also well recommended to visit its farm, where as in addition to animals such as horses, visitors can  discover the island’s traditional artisan crafts – a truly fantastic day for the entire family.   

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Nearby villages

Banyalbufar counts only about 600 permanent residents but has a lot to offer! Numerous authentic cafés and excellent restaurantsserve delicious traditional food. Wine and shopping lovers will surely not be disappointed when visiting this little town. There are several shops selling local products, wine, clothes and souvenirs.

anyalbufar was founded during the 10th century by the Moors, who started cultivating on about 2000 terraced hillsides. The village’s name means vineyard by the sea. Until the invasion of phylloxera in the 19th century, the area around Banyalbufar was one of the most important winegrowing regions in Mallorca

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Where to eat in Esporles

Esporles and its surrounding areas are fantastic to discover authentic produce and flavours of Mallorca, with an authentic gastronomical offer. There are also a lovely selection of idyllic and family run restaurants, where diners can enjoy delicious menus at a very reasonable price.

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