Spring is the perfect time to visit the island and try new sports. You always wanted to become a golf pro? The crisp air, endless sunshine and lush grass make Mallorca‘s numerous golf courses the perfect spot to begin. Golf for beginners can seem quite complicated but once you know all the rules and different golf clubs you will surely love it! Our author Katie Toll tells you all about her first golfing lesson and we will help you with some more tips.

Golf for Beginners

Today I took my first golfing lesson in Pollensa with experienced PGA Golf Professional Jamie Knight. As a complete beginner the fun started with the golf buggy, speeding down to the driving range, eager and nervous to start.

First was a quick lesson on posture and then straight into some practice of long shots. Jamie ably demonstrated with the ball disappearing somewhere off into the distance. Then it was my turn, and between several misses, the satisfying sound of the golf club moving through the air, hitting the ball and seeing it soar into the air was fantastic.

Next up was the putting green where the game changes to one of quiet, focused precision. It’s easy to hit the ball too hard or too gently, but the concentration was worth it when the ball finally dropped into the hole.

Mallorca is a great place to take-up the sport, with 21 golf courses dotted across beautiful landscapes. Surprisingly, a 9-hole course can be completed in around 2 hours leaving the rest of the day free to relax and explore the island.

Work hard in each daily lesson and then, after a week or so, you can be graded on your golfing ability – your golfing handicap – and enables you to play with friends of different golfing abilities (a greater handicap simply means you’re allowed more shots than they are). Golf for beginners is not always easy. There may be some jargon and etiquette to learn but don’t let that put you off. That feeling of satisfaction when you hit the ball well makes up for any frustration at the missed or poor shots as a beginner!

What are the different Golf Clubs called and used for?

These can be used for long and short shots depending on the length and angle of the club.

The shortest club in the bag for use on the green.

4 different types: Pitching, Sand, Gap and Lob, generally for short and precise shots.

These are for the long shots.

How many Holes are there?

Standard golf courses are 18 holes. Mallorca has nineteen 18-hole courses and also two 9-hole golf courses.

How long does it take to play?

Most 18-hole golf courses take about 4 hours to play and involve walking about 5 miles. 9-hole golf courses can be completed in 2 hours or less. Golf for beginners might take a bit longer.

Need to know jargon

The fairway
The stretch of grass that you need to hit the ball across to get to the green, where the hole is.

For the first shot you take on each hole, you place your ball on a small plastic peg called a tee.

Driving Range
A practice area. Also known as a golf range or practice range.

The first shot at each hole, usually performed with a club known as the “driver”.

A hollow comprised of sand or grass or both that exists as an obstacle and, in some cases, a hazard.

The number of shots a top-class golfer is expected to take to play each hole based on its difficulty.

A short shot, usually from within 50 to 75 yards.

A short, precise shot typically played on the green with a putter.

Golfing Handicap

This relates to your level and gives beginners a head start. The lower your handicap, the better the player. You deduct your handicap score from your total score, meaning players of all abilities can play against each other. The normal maximum handicap is: Men: 28 • Women: 36 • Juniors: 54

How far do I have to hit the ball?

Distances are measured in yards or meters. The average distance ranges from 50m to 600m depending on how difficult the hole is.

Author: Katie Toll

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