In what has already proved to be a historic week, people from across the world will step up to support young climate strikers and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. In this global initiative, millions of adults and children will unite in a huge wave will kickstart renewed action globally.

About the Global Climate Strike

The urgency of the climate crisis requires a new approach centred upon human rights, equity, and justice. We can all take part, whatever our circumstances, with Son Severa and Palma joining the worldwide initiative.

Across the globe, some will spend the day in protest against new pipelines or highlight the oil companies fuelling this crisis and the politicians that enable them. Others will spend the day in action raising awareness in their communities and pushing for solutions to the climate crisis. Not everyone will be able to take part in the same way, but we can all take a stand together to make our voices heard.

World Cleanup Day World Cleanup Day- This weekend the World Cleanup Day arrives to Mallorca, where different organisations join forces to clean the island's beaches with the objective to raise important environmental awareness.

Why go on #ClimateStrike?

The climate crisis is an emergency, where our hotter planet is already affecting millions of people. If we don’t act now to transition fairly and swiftly away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy access for all, the climate crisis will only get worse. We need to act right now to stop burning fossil fuels and ensure a rapid energy revolution with equity, reparations and climate justice at its heart.

What difference will it make?

Last year, the inspiring Greta Thunberg, gave a lone protest which caught the world’s attention and has spread to millions of school children and adults who are sounding the alarm. Now it’s everyone’s turn to stand with young people and show world leaders the people power demanding climate justice. September’s climate strikes will kickstart a huge wave of action and renewed ambition all over the world.

Action in Mallorca

Son Severa

When? Friday, September 27 at 10:00

Where? Ajuntamiento de Son Servera, Plaça de Sant Ignasi, 1, Son Servera 07550

Palma de Mallorca

When? Friday, September 27 at 12:00

Where? Plaça del Tub, Palma

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Help the Environment in Mallorca Help the Environment in Mallorca- If you would like to lend your hand to help the environment in Mallorca, there are several beach clean ups that you can get involved in. Read more on how to participate!

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