Renowned for its extensive trajectory of contemporary artists, the eclectic gallery of Gerhardt Braun showcases outstanding pieces of work from talented professionals, ranging from photography, painting, sculpture, video, installation and performance art.

With an overriding objective to actively promote all forms of contemporary artistic practice, Gerhardt Braun will awaken your imagination through the most dynamic and creative forms.

Since its inauguration in 2012 by founder Gerhardt Braun, the inspiring gallery has emerged as one of the most acclaimed establishments in Mallorca thanks to its desire to focus on the strongest creations by celebrated and internationally awarded artists. These have included geniuses such as Hristina Milanova, Thierry Feuz, Bruno Bisang, Josep Maria Sirvent and this summer, Francesca Marti, who filled the main space with spectacularly mesmerising work.

What can truly be applauded and is one of the defining elements of visiting Gerhardt Braun, is their promotion of emerging artists, where the gallery dedicates its efforts on guiding a select few in their journey as a master of production. This year, Ela Fidalgo, a vivacious and highly talented artist and fashion designer, was given use of the gallery’s workshop to reap the benefits from focused creativity. Speaking to their Creative Manager, Marc Bibiloni, he expressed the gallery’s strong belief that all artists that start from this space will one day hold its leading exhibition– an inspirational momentum to take home with you.

In addition to witnessing fantastic pieces of art, the architecture and palatial design of each of the spaces found on Carrer de Sant Feliu have become a feast for sight and mind. Taking you on a journey through artistic development, each room is filled with distinctly unique and extraordinary work, where the gallery stands as the perfect setting to delve into the richness of Mallorca’s offering of art.

mallorcan artist francesca marti Dreaming with artist Francesca Marti- Meet Francesca Marti, a talented and awarded artist borned in Sóller, Mallorca - and her third solo exhibition named ‘Energy Ray’.
Gallery hopping in Palma Gallery hopping in Palma- Many well known international artists have chosen Mallorca to establish their private studios, and gallery hopping is one of the most popular activities for residents and visitors alike.

Photos by Soravit

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