Dressed in strong colours and decorated with 3600 glass hearts. The arms raised towards the sky, almost as if they are inviting the viewer to a welcoming hug. Fredric Satya Möller’s Stickfigure is an impressive 180 cm welded sculpture created to spread love and inner truth.

About Fredric Satya Möller

Swedish artist Fredric Satya Möller is well known for his Stickfigure sculpture. He is active in Stockholm but uses the whole world as his exhibition room. This extremely humble artist has just started his journey with many exciting ideas and projects for the future in mind.

Fredric has travelled to many beautiful countries, Nicaragua and Costa Rica are among his favourites. Today he travels more and more to Mallorca, his favourite place right now. His intention is to spend more time on the island to find the right place to live in the future. Fredric loves the spirit and the vibe of both Mallorca’s nature and people. Of course, the climate with so much sun is a big part of why he loves coming to Mallorca, he says it simply makes him feel good.

The Artist’s Life

At the moment Fredric Satya Möller shares a studio in Stockholm with his beloved girlfriend Emmelie Kumudini Rudsberg who also works as an artist. Through the windows of their studio they are facing the well known Mosebacke. It is a lovely creative oasis with lots of artists. Otherwise Fredric creates and works wherever he is: “I always carry the work within me”.

His career as an artist started after a self development course in 2006. It made Fredric go through a huge transformation: “I deeply understood that I had a great and important gift to give to the world”. He then decided to dedicate his work life to art. What fascinates him most about art is that an artist transforms thoughts and feelings in the body and mind into a physical object. Fredric finds inspiration in meditation. He also spends as much time as possible in the nature in order for his mind to get more clear and open. This way the artist can see possibilities and create art of everything that crosses his way.

A Sculpture created to spread Love

His character, the Stickfigure, is a 50 kg heavy and 180 cm tall stickfigure sculpture. Welded in one piece and covered with 3600 glass hearts. Created to spread love and authenticity. Fredric explains that his art is extremely simple for everyone to understand “because a ‘stickfigure’ is maybe one of the first drawings children do. That is why it’s so easy for people all over the world to relate to my art”. He also creates paintings, stickers and jewellery that have the stickfigure as a protagonist.

Dressed in strong colours and decorated with 3600 glass hearts. The arms are raised towards the sky, almost as if they are inviting the viewer to a welcoming hug.

You can admire Fredric’s art in different parts of the world. He has done quite a few pop-ups in places and cities where he currently spends time. You can find his art in the local foodstore, in a park or an art gallery. As well as in private collections and several public places in Sweden and in Mallorca. The sculptures in the photos are for sale. For more information and prices see Fredric’s Instagram account @stickfigureworld.

Future Projects

His latest and ongoing project is in Sweden with a well known photographer. Fredric plans on setting up an exhibition with a series of photos this autumn. He is also doing a pilgrimage with his girlfriend Emmelie which will result in several art exhibitions that they will make together. The idea is to do an exhibition in Mallorca at the beginning of next year. Fredric’s future dream would be to work with the jewellery brand Swarovski. “It would be amazing to create one exclusive stickfigure covered in Swarovski crystals in man size”.

Photos by Pernilla Danielsson. Special thanks to Västerås Expressbyrå for transportation of the sculptures.
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