Across Mallorca, one of the most popular enclaves for cyclists, you can find some of the best routes to pedal and enjoy the surroundings. Its hidden coves and roads that border the coast invite locals and visitors to get on the bike and feel the Mediterranean breeze on their faces. Here are four tips for cycling in autumn so you can enjoy your ride to the fullest.

Four Tips for Cycling in Autumn

With the arrival of autumn, the cooler temperatures invite you to get in touch with nature and to spend more time outdoors practicing sports such as hiking, mountain climbing or cycling. You are one of those who dare to discover Mallorca on two wheels this season? There are many professionals on the island that will give you advice, offer guided rides or training packages. The experts at the fitness centre of the Barceló Illetas Albatros Hotel reveal four tips for cycling in autumn. So you can pedal without injury. Take note!

  1. Listen to your body. You never have to get to work over your possibilities to practice a sport. You have to listen to the body and understand where the limits are to enjoy a bike ride.
  2. Warm up and stretch. It’s important to warm up or stretch before and after taking the bike. In this way, the muscles will be prepared for the physical effort. Furthermore, you will avoid injuries in the back or in the joints.
  3. Choose the right equipment and clothing. Depending on the route, outdoor temperature and the type of bike you use, it’s necessary to choose the right outfit. Remember that a helmet can prevent injuries due to bad falls. Also, always wear proper clothes and comfortable shoes to pedal easily.
  4. Eat well before exercising. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, avoid the sunnier hours so you do not suffer sunstroke. Cover your head and watch your diet, eating carbohydrates and drinking plenty of fluids before starting to pedal. In this way, your muscles will have enough energy to avoid injuries, cramps or stiffness.
Cycling in Mallorca Cycling in Mallorca- Every year at least 150.000 cyclists come to Mallorca to enjoy all that the island has to offer with its beauty and hundreds of kilometres of winding roads. Cycling in Mallorca is in fashion!

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