It doesn’t matter whether you have recently decided to start your journey to a healthier and stronger body or have been working out for years now. We have four simple fitness tips for every sports lover to make your workout routine a bit easier.

Four Simple Fitness Tips for Sports Lovers

1. Open up your pores

While it’s always better to go natural and let your skin breathe when you exercise that’s not an option for many women. A light makeup look with matte foundation, waterproof mascara and nourishing lip balm will help out here. Don’t forget the sun protection for outdoor activities.

2. Stay hydrated

It is extremely important to drink plenty of liquids like water or sports drinks not just during but also before and after your workout to keep your muscles working and avoid getting tired. Start with half a liter about two hours before the workout, then drink about 100 to 250 milliliter every 15 to 20 minutes during the exercise. Last, have some water in small but regular intervals post workout.

3. Work out in style

Comfortable, chic and light – sportswear should keep you cool, give you the needed support and at the same time be fashionable to give you more confidence when working out. There are lots of brands out there like Lorna Jane who design comfy and stylish activewear to make you feel both strong and pretty.

4. Post-Workout Snacks

Recharge your energy after working out with tasty snacks rich in protein and carbs such as peanut butter and banana on rice cakes, low-fat yogurt and fresh berries, sweet dates or chocolate milk.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the 28 year-old Margalida Crespí Jaume, a professional competitor in synchronized swimming, was born on Mallorca? The athlete and her team won a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. A real Mallorcan power girl!

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