February gets a bad rap. It’s the month most people just endure in order to reach spring and the turning point out of the dark, chilly winter. But February actually has a lot to offer if you give it a chance. On Mallorca, there are several festivals and fairs being celebrated all over the island and we at Look Mallorca will share them with you here!

Festa de la Pesta (Fest of the Pest) – Son Servera

On the 1st of February, the village of Son Servera celebrates the Fest of the Pest, a day that signifies the day in 1820 when the town was given the all-clear after a plague epidemic decimated the population. The day is usually marked with a mass followed by an offering of flowers followed by a party where the city council gives out prizes such as a research prize called Metge Joan Lliteres and school prizes in poetry.

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Fira de la Flor d’Ametler (Almond Fair) – Son Servera

Back to Son Servera for the annual Almond Fair on 2nd February on the grounds of the 18th century Ses Cases de Ca s’Hereu finca. If you’re into all things almonds, it’s a can’t miss. Stands are set up selling foods, perfumes, soaps, candles and wood products made from the tree of fruit of the almond tree. Live music and exhibits of traditional harvesting tools will be on display.


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Festival of Sant Blai (St Blaise)

This festival is held in both Esporles and Campos on the 2nd of February. In Esporles, sweets are blessed, then eaten as a token to the saint best known for curing illness and throat conditions. In Campos, a mass for the sick is held at the Oratory of Saint Blaise. The attendees throats are anointed with holy oil and a yummy traditional almond bread called panetets de Sant Blai, are served. The next day, a pilgrimage is made where the residents of Campos hike to the oratory for a mass, followed by celebrations in the streets.

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roseton catedral de palma de mallorca

Festival of Light – Palma

Twice a year, Palma’s magnificent La Seu Cathedral has a trick of the light where the sun shining into the huge rosette window is reflected it just below it forming a figure 8. The February date is the 2nd, Candlemas, and the spectacle only lasts a short time, so be there between 8h and 9h.

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Festival of Santa Agueda (St Agatha) – Sencelles

On the 5th of February, Saint Agatha’s traditional saint’s day, legend recounts the soaking rain began to fall on drought-stricken Sencelles. Since then, she has been their patron saint and her day is celebrated by a traditional mass. This is followed by a party with neighbours roasting sausages over bonfires, eating, dancing and making merry in the streets.

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Sa Rua and Sa Reuta (Carnival) – Whole Island


This one is more of a moveable feast, unlike most Mallorcan festivals, as it falls the weekend that precedes Lent. This year it is the weekendof 21st to 23rd of February. Depending where you are on the island will dictate which day is holds the biggest brouhaha.

Sa Rueta is the children’s version and Sa Rua, the adult one. Both are marked by vibrant fancy-dress parades, live music, a lot of dancing, food, drink, prize-giving for best costumes. Enjoy general street parties which are serious blow-outs signifying the last hurrah before the 40 days abstinence of Lent begins the following Wednesday.

In Palma, Sa Rueta is held on Sunday from 10:30 to 13:30, whilst the big kids get their party on from 17h. Calvia does theirs on the Saturday where the town meets at 16h en masse and marches to the town hall where they put on a big BBQ with fireworks and all the trimmings.

Festival of Sor Francinaina Cirer – Sencelles

Each year on the 27th of February, Sencelles marks the passing of their favourite nun, who was beatified in 1989 and named the patron saint of the catechists of Mallorca in 2011 by the Vatican. Mass is held for her in the morning, along with floral offerings at her monument, followed by the Bal de l’Ofrena, a dance accompanied by local bagpipes called xeremies. Local children, and some adults, dress in traditional costume and the whole village comes out for the scene.

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