Healthy smoothie consumption has lots of benefits. Where to get them in Mallorca’s capital? Check out our 8 favourite smoothie places in Palma.

Benefits of drinking smoothies

Why do so many people consume healthy smoothies on a regular basis? Many of the reasons are associated with health benefits. Developing the habit of making healthy smoothies on a daily basis is an excellent investment of your time and money. Why? Because it’s easier to get your daily dosis of fruits and vegetables. Consuming the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables can be a challenge. Blending a couple of servings of each into a smoothie helps you to meet your body’s daily nutritional needs. By doing that you will strengthen your immune system, improve your digestion, and help yourself to lose weight. You can use ingredients bought on local markets, fruits and vegetables from Mallorca. 

Choose your favourite flavours for your shakes: strawberries, banana, spinach, coconut milk, carrots, lemon, orange, kale, almond milk, blueberries, apple, pineapple, mango…. delicious and mouthwatering.

Our 8 favourite Smoothie places in Palma


Smoothies, green and natural shakes with fresh and organic products on a daily basis which complement their vegan dishes and raw food. They are also an organic grocery store that gives courses and workshops.

Plaza Quartera, 9
Palma de Mallorca


A stylish meeting point in Santa Catalina providing healthy meals, delicious smoothies and fresh-pressed juices. Also offering detox programs.

Calle Sant Magi 77
Palma de Mallorca


An urban oasis with a hidden exotic garden where you can enjoy vegetarian/vegan lunches and incredible healthy cocktails and lemonades. Next door is a health shop and a studio where you can take yoga and pilates classes.

Calle Temple 4
Palma de Mallorca


All food served here is vegan, organic and raw. The juices are coldpressed on site every morning using structured water. You can also sign up for several detox programs. Working with the motto ”Food is medicine”.

Vegan & Raw Palma Vegan & Raw Palma- Vegan & Raw Palma is a lovely health food eatery that is founded on the philosophy of offering plant based loving food with the highest nutritional value.

Plaça Bisbe Berenguer de Palou, 5
Palma de Mallorca


This large chain of stylish cafés has extended its’ menu with delicious smoothies, a great option for a healthy start of the day! Cappuccino Cafés are located in 10 different places on the island.


One of the ”oldies” when it comes to raw food in Palma. The new place in Calle Protectora has a great city terrace where you can enjoy your smoothies. Ziva To Go use only locally grown and/or organic ingredients.

Ziva to Go Ziva to Go in Palma- Created with love, Ziva to Go are three fantastic health food eateries that offer delicious organic and raw food using fresh and local ingredients.

Calle Protectora, 1
Palma de Mallorca


A charming place to have breakfast or enjoy a delicious brunch. The quality of the menu’s products and the smoothies are excellent. One of the highlights is the friendly and thoughtful staff.

Plaça Major, 10
Palma de Mallorca

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